Sept/Oct. Precursor to Stock Market Crash Cycles (2015-2016)?

Sept. 19th Sell Signals (NQ & NYSE) Projects Sharp Drop into Oct. 6–10th! 40-Year Cycle of Stock-flation Culminating… “Point of Critical Mass IV” 9/25/14 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: “Stock Indices continue to near the point of ‘Critical Mass’, with regard to expectations for a major peak (in late-2014) and the corresponding potential for a significant decline in the ensuing weeks or […]

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Stocks Completing Bull Market (4Q 2014?)

“Synergy, Scenarios, Setups… and Stocks” 9/22/14 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: As described previously, an important part of analysis is taking the known factors – whether they are current or future cycles & price indicators – and developing a perceived scenario that would fulfill or validate the greatest number of those factors (synergy)… That ‘scenario’ is used as a basis for comparison, […]

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Major Peak in Stock Indices Nearing

9/13/14 Weekly Re-Lay:  Stock Indices have turned neutral…There are a few factors that indicate this could be a larger decline taking hold (Monday’saction should clarify).  The first has to do with both the DJIA & NYSE Index rallying right to their July peaks and failing to close above them.  For all intents and purposes, they both set very precise double […]

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Point of Critical Mass in Dollar

9/10/14 – In politics, in geopolitics, in earth disturbances, in the markets… and in almost every aspect of life – there is a way of describing when enough synergy has been attained in order to prompt a change, or a reversal. It is best known as the ‘Point of Critical Mass’.

…A major change could be in the works for months or years, even though the underlying market action does NOT yet reflect it. It is only when that change – in the form of many smaller and some very subtle changes – reaches the Point of Critical Mass that an abrupt and often violent reversal occurs.

A similar scenario – I believe – is currently unfolding in the US Dollar…However, the Point of Critical Mass is not expected to be attained until 2015…On a related basis, all the international turmoil is ‘spooking’ the stock market but has not done any long-lasting damage. That, too, must reach the Point of Critical Mass before investors will race for the exits. That period could begin in…

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Dollar, Ruble, Yuan & Oil

9/06/14 – Perhaps the most significant, the most obvious, and potentially the most dangerous conclusion to draw from all of my 40-Year Cycle analysis is that the Dollar will – during its latest ‘shift’ from 2013-2017 – ultimately be replaced as the reserve currency of the world.  If/when that perception is reached, watch out! Every month – and sometimes every week – brings new validation to […]

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