Chile & Japan Earthquake Cycles in 2010-2011

40-Year Cycle Corroborated by 11-Year Sunspot Cycle; …“extreme events in next 2-3 years”… 01/29/10 INSIIDE Track: “‘Signs in the Sun’             The (approximate) 11-Year Sunspot Cycle identifies the ebb and flow of solar activity.  This is important since this activity – massive explosions on the surface of the Sun – generate electro-magnetic storms that sometimes bombard earth. Being a magnetic […]

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Gold Cycles & Dollar Final Slide in 2011

“…final slide in the Dollar…in 2011…” 12/03/09 INSIIDE Track: “Outlook 2010 – 2011…  ‘Period of Testing’ This comes during the culmination of a CRUCIAL 40-year period of testing in America… and at the simultaneous culmination of a trio of 40-year ‘testing periods’. As I have often discussed, the Bible repeatedly describes a 40-day and a 40-year period of testing.  By […]

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Stock Market Crash Cycles in 2007/2008

“…DJIA could be heading for a 20 – 50% correction in the next 1-3 years. …17 & 34-year multiples…greater synergy of cycles…in late-2007.”  06/27/07 INSIIDE Track:: “2007 — 2008: 17-Year Armies Gearing Up… and Dieing Off… Armies Marching Up…             06-27-07 – Last month, we revisited an intriguing cycle in the markets, in the earth, and in the Middle East.  […]

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