Cattle: Bull-ish Bubble

Food Crises II Cattle (CR)

A unique, 40-Year Cycle links steaks & stocksfilets & financials… timing inflationary advances in historic representations of wealth.  Cattle & Hogs entered parabolic advances (bubbles) in mid-2013 & are projected to set Major, multi-year peaks in 3Q ‘141Q ‘15…before a crash ensues.  Equities could then follow.

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Silver Lining

40 Year Cycle silver lining

Silver & Stocks share a unique correlation, with staggered crashes occurring at regular 40-Year intervals.  In the2010’s, Silver was projected to crash from 2011 into 2015, while Stocks should only see initial signs of trouble – coinciding with the final drop in Silver – in 20152016 ushers in Silver’s bullish period … stretching into ????.

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Dollar Poised for May ’14 Low

Dollar Poised for May ’14 Low; ~78.00 = MAJOR Support!  Euro Troubles Could Follow… 02/28/14 INSIIDE Track: The Dollar Index has remained above its Oct. 21–25th low – set in synch with its 19-20 week cycle and a ~60-degree low-low-low-(low) CycleProgression (that subsequently produced another low on Dec. 18th).  However, the Dollar needs to give a weekly close above 81.73/DXH to reverse its weekly trend to up and to confirm this […]

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Food Crises

40 Year Cycle wheat and crops crises

With clockwork precision, the 40-Year Cycle has timed the recurrence of MAJOR food crises (famine, drought, flooding, freezes, etc.) dating back 300+ years.  In each case, the second half of the impacted decade has seen food shortages & skyrocketing prices – a cycle that comes back into focus in 2016/2017… and should last into 2019.

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The Golden Year

The Golden Year By Eric S. Hadik Jan. 2014 – With Gold & Silver just coming through a pivotal cycle – midway between 3–5 year cycle highs in 2011 and 3–5 year cycle lows in mid-2015 – it is an appropriate time to pull together some key analyses from the past couple years and look ahead to what could be […]

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Dollar, Euro & Gold

Dollar, Euro & Gold:  The Fickle Correlation… 10/30/13 INSIIDE Track:  “Outlook 2013/2014…              A Seismic ‘Shift’? Correlation Probably the most common questions I receive – with regard to this and a lot of other analysis – have to do with correlation.  Usually, it is framed in a sense of disbelief (e.g. ‘How can Gold go down if the Dollar is going down’?).               I try to address […]

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Dollar Remains Bullish

Dollar Remains Bullish;  3Q 2014 Could Corroborate… 08/05/13 INSIIDE Track:  “The Dollar Index rallied into early-July, fulfilling weekly & monthly cycles, the weekly trend pattern and weekly LHR… and then turned back down…               On a 6-12 month basis, focus is on July–Sept. 2014, the next phase of a nearly-ubiquitous 3+-year cycle in the Dollar Index.  Since the 1970’s, one of the most consistent cycles in the Dollar Index […]

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Stock Bull Market into late-2014

40-Year Cycle Reinforcing Stock Index Rally into late-2014… Accelerated Advance Set to Take Hold! INSIIDE Track Special Report: Stock Indices 2013 II Stock Indices Confirming Low             07/09/13:  Stock Indices – on a 3-6 month & 6-12 month basis – remain on course.  In the past two weeks, they have provided a couple textbook signals that an intermediate low has […]

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Dollar Decimation

Dollar Domination

All signs point to a new siege against the US Dollar, beginning in 2016 or 2017… & lasting into 2020–2021. The 40-Year Cycle has timed similar battles – since the founding of America – with uncanny accuracy.  Though in the midst of a multi-year bullish cycle, the Dollar is likely to peak in 2016 and begin a new, multi-year decline.

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