Talk Digital Network – Jim Goddard

08/03/16 – Stock Topping Formation: 2000–2001 Parallels Continue; Gold

Jim asks Eric about patterns in the markets & Eric reiterates his observation (first published in early-2015) that 2015–2016 were likely to include a 15–18 month topping formation in which Stock Indices would see opposing 2–3 month drops & 1–3 month rallies… while confined within a wide trading range.  Eric’s outlook remains that a sustained decline will not take hold until late-2016.

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Forbes – Troy Onink

06/29/16 – Troy Onink asks Eric for an update on his 2015 & 2016 projections that the UK & British Pound would take another pummeling in 2016/2017… linked to an uncanny 8-Year Cycle in Eric’s work.  Now that Brexit has been passed – to the surprise of most of the experts – Troy wants Eric to explain to Forbes readers why this was no surprise to INSIIDE Track readers and how Eric had been anticipating this for some time.

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