Euro Crisis


European Dis-Unity – One 40-Year Cycle from 1976 – when Britain needed an IMF bailout of the Pound – a myriad of colliding cycles spells trouble for the UK & EU.  2016/2017 is projected for a new Euro crisis and was just corroborated by bad news for Spanish & Italian banks – in April & May – precursors to June’s vote on Brexit.  What’s next?

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Food Crises

40 Year Cycle wheat and crops crises

With clockwork precision, the 40-Year Cycle has timed the recurrence of MAJOR food crises (famine, drought, flooding, freezes, etc.) dating back 300+ years.  In each case, the second half of the impacted decade has seen food shortages & skyrocketing prices – a cycle that comes back into focus in 2016/2017… and should last into 2019.

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Volcano Cycles

40 Year Cycle Volcano Eruption

The 40-Year Cycle has consistently timed surges in volcanic activity (swarms), dating back to (at least) the 1200’s.  The next phase of that 40YC comes into play in 2014–2023 and is expected to time an increasing intensification in global volcanoes.  2016–2017 is the first crescendo but the biggest eruptions could wait until 2019 & 2020.

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Dollar Decimation

Dollar Domination

All signs point to a new siege against the US Dollar, beginning in 2016 or 2017… & lasting into 2020–2021. The 40-Year Cycle has timed similar battles – since the founding of America – with uncanny accuracy.  Though in the midst of a multi-year bullish cycle, the Dollar is likely to peak in 2016 and begin a new, multi-year decline.

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