Crush the Street – Kenneth Ameduri

07/14/16 – Kenneth asks Eric to update his analysis for dramatic moves in 2016 – like a surge in Gold and the Brexit vote.

Eric reiterates his 1–3 year outlook for Gold to see an initial ~6-month surge into mid-2016 – as part of a much larger advance into 2018 – with the first advance (which likely peaked in early-July) to be a precursor to a much larger advance, beginning in late-2016.  [See INSIIDE Trackpublications for projected support and/or specifics for next buying opportunity.]

Kenneth then asks Eric to update his UK/British Pound analysis now that the Brexit vote is fulfilling Eric’s ongoing analysis & forecasts for 2016/2017.

Eric elaborates on his ongoing projections for an escalating EU crisis from 2008–2018/2019, when EU (Re-)Unification Cycles converge.  Iceland & Greece already corroborated that & Britain was projected to be the next shoe to drop.  Eric reiterates his analysis on an uncanny 8-Year Cycle of British Pound Pummelings and explains why he projected 2016 to be the next debacle.

Kenneth asks Eric about his expectations for Dollar strength & European weakness (for much of the 2010’s) and then asks him to update his stock market analysis.

Eric re-states his position that Stock Indices should see a massive, 15–18 month topping process – from 2Q 2015 into late-2016 – before a sustained decline becomes more likely.

Eric finishes the interview by reiterating the long-term War Cycles & American Attack Cycles he sees converging in 2016–2021.  To hear the whole interview, go to…