Dollar Poised for Reversal Higher

Dollar Poised for Reversal Higher;
Bitcoin Poised for Sell-off…
Gold Reversing Lower; XAU Remains Weak.

06/08/17 Marketviews:  Bitcoin vs. Dollar vs. Gold


 Dollar Poised for Bottom in early-June; Bitcoin & Ethereum Project June 5–11th Cycle Peak… Sharp Correction Likely to Follow.  Gold & Silver Reach Upside Targets in early-June; Poised for New Sell-off into mid-June.  Dollar (Inverse) Link to Cryptocurrency Growing!


The Dollar is poised for an early-June bottom & reversal higher as Gold & Silver complete rallies & fulfill 7-week cycle on June 5–9th.  Bitcoin & Ethereum poised to reverse lower following June 5–11th cycle high.  Upside price targets in focus.  Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track elaborate.