Election Confirming Dollar Cycles & Imminent Peak

Talk Digital Network – Jim Goddard


11/09/16 – Election Confirming Dollar Cycles & Imminent Peak;  Gold Cycle Low in late-2016.

Jim asks Eric about Election results and the markets’ reactions.  Eric reiterates analysis provided in March 2016, when he described how Dollar cycles – projecting a major Dollar peak in late-2016/early-2017 – were arguing for a Republican Administration to be elected in 2016.  That should usher in a new wave down in the US Dollar.

Consistent with that analysis, Eric also discusses Gold cycles that continue to project a secondary low in late-2016 – closely coinciding with the time for a potential Dollar peak.  He emphasizes the uncanny influence of the 40-Year & 80-Year Cycle and why that should begin to stress the Dollar and then also impact equity markets (in 2017–2019).