Financial Survival Network – Kerry Lutz

05/18/16 – Eric Hadik of has been right on the money calling the beginning of the latest precious metals bull market, calling the end of the stock bull market, and forecasting the upsurge in terror and emerging threats to the Anglo-American Hegemony. 

If you’d listened to his call on gold last December, you’d be off to a phenomenal start in 2016.”

– Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network (Posted with this interview)  

Eric updates his outlook for Gold & Silver after they fulfilled projections for another surge in April – leading into intermediate cycle highs in early-May and up to Eric’s 3–6 month upside targets (the primary objectives for the first half of 2016) at 1305–1315/GC & 18.00–18.50/SI… where a multi-month top was/is increasingly likely.

Kerry & Eric then discuss China’s impact on Gold and their growing influence & impact on global economics… and what this means for the coming years.  That discussion evolved into an examination of global stock indices – particularly those in Asia that are looking much weaker than US Indices… and that much closer to the next wave down.

Kerry asks Eric about China’s response if Trump is elected President.  Eric elaborates on the potential for a 2017 ‘test’ – directed from China toward America – in line with an uncanny 8-Year Cycle of Attacks against America.  2017 is the next phase of that cycle – 8 years from when concerted cyber-attacks were directed at the U.S. and a precise 40-Year Cycle from one of the first Muslim terror attacks in America (the Hanafi Siege of March 9–11, 1977) – and coincides with the transition to a new President.

Kerry & Eric finish this interview, discussing oil and the fulfillment of Eric’s projections for a Major decline from mid-2014 into early-2016, at which point a Major bottom was forecast.

In closing, Kerry reiterates:

“Eric, you have pretty much been spot on… more so than just about anyone I speak with out there.”