OPEC Freeze? Oil Cycles? Dollar’s Finale Before Sell-off.

Talk Digital Network – Jim Goddard


11/21/16 – OPEC Freeze? Oil Cycles? Dollar’s Finale Before Sell-off.

Jim asks Eric about rumors of a coming OPEC oil production cut.  Eric discusses his outlook for Crude & Energy Markets that continues to project a lengthy bottoming process and no sustained advances in the foreseeable future.  That leads into discussing the US Dollar’s impact on oil…

Eric reiterates his overall outlook that the Dollar would rally from 2013 into 2017 and then reverse lower.  (Specific upside price targets are now within reach.)  Gold cycles project a secondary low in late-2016 that could provide some clues as to the timing of a future Dollar decline.

This reinforces the 40-Year Cycle outlook that key markets would trade in one direction leading into 2017 (middle of overall 2013–2021 period, when dramatic shifts expected) and then reverse course from 2017–2021.  The Dollar (and equity markets) are among those.