This Week in Money – Jim Goddard

08/24/16 – Stock Market Outlook for 3Q/4Q 2016; Gold Decline to Continue

Jim asks Eric about August anniversary in stock market & Eric explains why he expects a different pattern this year – with a top forming in mid-August, an initial drop into late-Sept. and then a sharper drop from early-Oct. into late-Nov… some of which is linked to an uncanny 32–33 Week Cycle.

They then discuss anniversary cycles as well as natural cycles.  Eric explains why he expects 2016–2019 to see an intensification of seismic events, some of it centered on the Alpide Belt (that runs from Indonesia, through Central Asia & the Middle East and out through the Mediterranean).  Eric & Jim also discuss market manipulation and how/if it impacts cycle analysis.

Eric then responds to Jim’s questions about specific markets and reiterates his outlook for Gold & Silver (strong surge into mid-2016 followed by sharp drop into 4Q 2016), Bonds (final peak in late-2016/early-2017), Crude Oil (major bottom in early-2016, but lengthy bottoming process to follow) & Canadian Dollar.