Food Crisis Cycles in Focus

Food Crisis Cycles in Focus;  2015–2021 = Overall Phase. El Nino Fires ‘Starting Pistol’. 09/29/15 INSIIDE Track: Outlook 2015–2017 40-Year Cycle & Food Crises II            Throughout history, there has always been a vacillating cycle between times of shortage and times of plenty.  An oft-quoted example comes from the book of Genesis, when Joseph has been sold into slavery and ends up as second-in-command over […]

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Soybean Cycles Bottom in 4Q ‘15

Soybean Cycles Bottom in 4Q ‘15.  Watch Nov./Dec. 2015 for Low… Food Crisis Cycles Follow. 08/31/15 INSIIDE Track:    Soybeans, Corn & Wheat  have dropped to new lows after fulfilling the potential for a “fast & furious” surge from May into July 2015.   They turned their weekly trends back down in August, confirming that a multi-month peak took hold in July 2015. On a longer-term basis, Soybeans & Corn are still likely to set […]

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Food Crisis Cycles Approaching

Food Crisis Cycles Approaching…  Surprise Flooding In Store? Watch 2016/2017 California Cycles. 08/29/15 INSIIDE Track: Outlook 2015–2017 40-Year Cycle & Food Crises              What do India, Australia, Indonesia, Europe, Argentina, China, the Midwest (US) & California have in common? I would guess there are probably many things… and a lot of respects in which they are different.  However, if you apply the 40-Year Cycle, […]

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