Talk Digital Network – Jim Goddard

09/07/16 – Mid-Oct–late-Nov. Stock Drop Expected: Gold/Silver Negative into 4Q ’16.

Eric reiterates his intermediate & longer-term outlook for the stock market, including expectations for an initial (minor) drop into late-Sept. and then a more pronounced decline from mid-Oct. into late-Nov. 2016.  Eric elaborates on some possible triggers like European Banks, explaining why the STOXX 600 European Bank Index is reflecting those struggles (and looming threats).TalkDigitNetwork

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This Week in Money – Jim Goddard

08/24/16 – Stock Market Outlook for 3Q/4Q 2016; Gold Decline to Continue

Jim asks Eric about August anniversary in stock market & Eric explains why he expects a different pattern this year – with a top forming in mid-August, an initial drop into late-Sept. and then a sharper drop from early-Oct. into late-Nov… some of which is linked to an uncanny 32–33 Week Cycle.This-Week-In-Money_featured

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Financial Survival Network – Kerry Lutz

08/29/16 – “Been trading since ’82 and I’ve been following your work since I first interviewed you.  I think, Eric, it’s been close to 2 years ago you’ve been uncannily accurate in following these markets… Well, Eric, you know, since I started this full time June 7, 2011… I’ve interviewed hundreds of people, hundreds of market mavens.  And the number of people who’ve made intermediate and longer-term calls, who’ve been accurate, I’m not going to even tell you how few it’s been.  But you are one of the few who’s been very, very accurate.  

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