3, 6, 7, 12 & 40-Year Cycles

Stock Indices Completing Blow-off Bottom.
Rebound into early-November Expected…

10/15/14 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: “Stock Indices have accelerated their sell-off into mid-October, the time frame that is geometrically-linked to decisive turning points over the past year (~90-degree cycles from mid-Oct. ’13 & mid-Apr. ’14 lows and mid-Jan. & mid-July ’14 highs).

As explained in the Sept. 2014 INSIIDE Track and the 40-Year Cycle – Stock-flation 1974–2014 Report, this mid-Oct. time frame not only has current significance (when a blow-off spike low is most likely) but is also expected to project future significance to mid-April 2015 – 180 degrees in the future – when more dramatic events are expected to unfold.

On a current basis, Stock Indices continue to provide confirmation of a developing top in late-2014 – the completion of a 40-Year Cycle of‘Stock-flation’ from the late-1974 low (and the perpetuation of 3, 6, 7 & 12-year Cycle Progressions).  The NYSE has been leading the way, repeatedly signaling that a multi-month reversal (lower) is unfolding.

The S+P 500 could join the NYSE – in reversing its weekly trend to down (a lagging/confirming indicator that is often triggered at the culmination of an initial intermediate decline) – if it is able to close below 1893.25/ESZ on Oct. 17th.

That weekly trend indicator combines with the weekly HLS indicator – in the NYSE – to reinforce the potential for an intermediate low by Oct. 17th.  The NYSE has just spiked below its January low (9,935) as the S+P 500 has tested and initially held its January high (1825.0/ESZ).

If a low takes hold at this time, the next important time frame to watch would be Nov. 2–6th – the next phase of the 9-week cycle that pegged the early-July & early-Sept. highs in Indices like the NYSE & Russell.”

17-Year Cycle – Stocks 2014–2016 II