40 & 100-Year Cycles Converging…

40 & 100-Year Cycles Converging…
April Earthquake Cycles Concur.
2016–2019 = Real Danger Period.

03/31/15 — Outlook 2015–2017

            The month of April 2015 provides a unique, synergistic convergence of diverse cycles – ranging from intermediate (1–3 month) market cycles to an uncanny annual cycle to a 40-Year Cycle and even a 100-Year CycleApril 2015 ushers in the next phase of this 100 -Year Cycle…a cycle of increasing instability…

April in the Middle East 

In the March 2007: Bring on the Bear Report, I detailed another connection to the Date of Infamy/Date of Aggression (April 19th).  In short, April 19th or 20th is the culmination of the first month of the new Natural Year, celestial year and Persian Year.  It represents the crescendo of that ‘opening range’ or opening period of the new year – a type of ‘opening act’ for the ensuing year.

At the same time, I documented recent events linking Iran to the month of April

April 9, 2013 – 6.3 earthquake in Bushehr (where their primary nuclear facility is based).

April 16, 2013 – 7.7 Saravan earthquake in Iran (‘strongest in 40 years’)… ushers in new phase of 11.5–12.5 & ~34.5-Year Iran EQ Cycle (should last into 2016; to be reiterated later)…”   IT


Increasing Instability Expected in 2015–2017;  April 2015 could provide precursors.  2016–2019 = Projected Surge in Asia & Iran Earthquake Cycles… including 40-Year Cyclefrom the deadly July 1976 Great Tangshan quake in China – killing about 240,000 people.

100-Year Cycle corroborates that with Turkey experiencing Major quakes in May 1866 (7.2) & January 1916 (7.2), with Nepal also being struck by a devastating 7.7 quake in August 1916.  The deadliest quake of 1916 took place in Taiwan, in August.  In 1966, China experienced another deadly 7.2 quake – killing over 8,000 people in late-March.  So, both a 50-Year & 100-Year Cycle converge in 2016(–2019), particularly in Asia.