40-Year Cycle of Stockflation & War

Stock Indices on Track for Mid-October Bottom. 
Long-term Cycles Project late-2014 MAJOR Peak!

10/11/14 Weekly Re-Lay: “Stock Indices continue to provide confirmation of a developing top in late-2014 – the completion of a 40-Year Cycle of ‘Stock-flation’ from the late-1974 low (and the perpetuation of 3, 6, 7 & 12-year Cycle Progressions).  The NYSE has been leading the way, repeatedly signaling that a multi-month reversal (lower) is unfolding…

Since it tested and held its weekly HLS on Sept. 26th, the NYSE is projecting an intermediate low by Oct. 17th…these declines could stretch into mid-October (signaled by the intra-month trends turning down) – a very intriguing period linked to previous and future cycles on a 90- and 180-degree basis.  This cycle had the potential to time a final high until last month when an early high was signaled.  As a result, it is now likely to be a low.

That is linked to the timing of the Oct. 2013 low and the ensuing April 15, 2014 low.  360 & 180 degrees later is mid-October 2014.  A low in mid-October would also arrive 90 degrees from the July 16/17th high and 270 degrees from the Jan. 15th (S+P 500) high.

More importantly, it would project focus forward to mid-April 2015 – a period linked to the 40-Year Cycle of War (see INSIIDE Track).  The S+P weekly trend pattern also pinpoints the coming week as being likely for a bottom…Stock Indices are all decidedly negative, with the intra-month downtrend signals projecting further downside into mid-Oct.”

17-Year Cycle – Stocks 2014–2016 II