40-Year Cycle of War

Stock Indices Precisely Fulfill Mid-Oct. Cycle Low;
Dovetail w/40-Year Cycle & Reinforce April 2015 Cycle!

10/25/14 Weekly Re-Lay: “Stock Indices have rallied sharply since fulfilling the potential for an intermediate low in mid-October – a pivotal, geometric cycle (~90, ~180 & ~360-degrees) that projects future significance to mid-April 2015.  The Indices turned their daily trends back up, increasing the potential for a rally into November – the convergence of intermediate & longer-term cycles…

(That  low perpetuated a unique sequence of ~90-degree & ~180-degree turning points in mid-Oct. ‘13, mid-Jan., mid-April & mid-July ‘14 – and projects acute focus on mid-April 2015 – a period linked to the 40-Year Cycle of War … see INSIIDE Track).

Those lows were set as the S+P was testing a dual level of key support – its weekly HLS and its year-opening range.  It held both of those levels – leaving it in an intra-year uptrend…the Nasdaq 100, which is projecting a rally to new highs based on its weekly trend, needed to give a weekly close back above 4004.0/NQZ.  All of this took place in the past two days – powerfully reinforcing the likelihood for an advance into November.

…And that would fulfill what has been discussed since May 2013 – the potential for a Major peak in 4Q 2014, ideally in November 2014.”

See complete Oct. 25, 2014 Weekly Re-Lay for all pertinent details.  Mid-Oct. low fulfills intermediate downside expectations and projects surge into November 2014. Major top still expected in 4Q 2014 (Nasdaq 100 has greatest synergy of cycles in November 2014)… to be followed by sharp drop in early-2015.  Watch mid-Dec. & mid-Jan. for corroborating cycle lows.