8-Year, 80-Year, 800-Year Cycles Converge

8-Year, 80-Year, 800-Year Cycles Converge;
2016/2017 = Dangerous Time for UK!
An Empire in Decline…

May 2016 Trader’s World: 

The Clash of Cycles III

An Empire in Decline

In January 2016 (Trader’s World Issue #62), this author wrote The Clash of Cycles II & reiterated analysis from June–Dec. 2015 – concluding that 2016 would be The Golden Year and would begin with an initial Gold surge into late-Feb./early-March… and then a second surge in April.  

A third rally is forecast for the first half of June 2016, with important intermediate cycles pinpointing when & where the next peak is most likely.

That analysis had been detailed in INSIIDE Track throughout 2015 and was emphasized when Gold & Silver triggered 3–6 month buy signals in mid-Dec. 2015.  Those signals reach (initial) fruition in June 2016.

While the actual price action is very important, more noteworthy is what a move like this often portends…  

Action like that is often a harbinger of instability & uncertainty in financial markets… and/or a waning faith in fiat currency (of which the Dollar is NOT the worst).  It is also often an omen of geopolitical upheaval.  There are several cycles that are projecting all of the above – in the near future…

A Third 8-Year Cycle

There is another intriguing 8-Year Cycle …This one involves Britain/UK and is worth discussing in light of next month’s (June 23)vote on their continued inclusion in the EU.

            One of the intriguing aspects of this cycle is its larger-degree multiples – both an 80-Year Cycle AND an 800-Year Cycle… all pinpointing 2016/2017 for watershed events in the rise and fall of the British Empire(s)…

3 of the latest 4 phases (1968, 1976 & 1992) – of the 8-Year Cycle – involved Sterling-bashing.

            8 years later, in Sept. 2000, it was an inflationary debacle – on the heels of the Pound declining for 8 years (to its lowest low in 13+ years)… The plummeting Pound created chaos as the 8-Year Cycle continued to wreak havoc!

            8 years later, in Sept. 2008, the UK joined the rest of the world in a global economic meltdown as the Pound was again pummeled, dropping about 35% in 14 months and to its lowest low since 1985.  

            1960, 1968, 1976, 1984, 1992, 2000, 2008… an uncanny, 8-Year Cycle at work!

            Could another UK financial crisis be about to emerge… Could the Sterling be in for another pummeling??

            The actual price lows in the Pound have also come on a very consistent 8-Year Cycle, slightly offset from these debacles.  It has seen multi-year lows set in 1985, 1993, 2001 & 2009.  So, it is reasonable to conclude that another multi-year low could ultimately take hold in 2017.

2016/2017: A Crumbling Empire?

On a larger-degree basis, 2016/2017 is also the culmination of much larger-degree (8-year related) cycles.  80 + 80 + 80 years ago, in 1776, Britain lost the American colonies – a devastating blow to the British Empire.  

So, she set out to build a ‘Second British Empire’ – with India & Asia as primary components.  But that only worked for so long…  

After 80 years of development, that Empire was dealt its own serious blow – beginning with the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

            2016/2017 is 240 years & 160 years from two British Empires being dealt severe blows.

            In the ensuing ~80 years, Britain suffered two massive depressions…The 1930’s were also a time of great transition between the UK and Asia – another critical component of the ‘Second British Empire’ …  

Leading up to 1936/1937, Britain was redefining her relationship with both China & Japan – a delicate balancing act.  All that led to naught as the Second Sino-Japanese War broke out and ultimately dealt a 3rd & final (knockout) blow against Britain’s global empire.  The 80-Year Cycle was recurring with great precision.  

            2016/2017 is 240 years, 160 years AND 80 years (higher-degree 8-Year Cycles) from the British Empires being dealt severe & ultimately fatal blows.

            2016/2017 is also an exact 800-Year Cycle (larger-degree 8-Year & 80-Year Cycle) from the French invasion of England – under Prince Louis (later to be Louis VIII) – during the First Baron’s War in 1216–1217.  

The invasion – and the War – were a direct result of England’s King John refusing to abide by the Magna Carta of 1215 (ultimately influencing the US Constitution in 1787).

            Could 2016/2017 perpetuate this 8-Year AND 40- / 80-Year & 800-Year Cycle in the U.K.?”

Next month’s Brexit vote could trigger a domino-effect in Britain, Europe and around the globe… leading to an(other) expected pummeling of the British Pound and a sell-off in global equities.  But, that is likely to be just the first/latest step… and a mere precursor to what is likely to unfold between now and 2018/2019.