April 19/20th Tops Validated

April 19/20th Tops Validated;
Date of Aggression Times Peak!
1–2 Month Sell-off Likely.

04/30/16 Weekly Re-Lay: 

“Stock Indices are showing preliminary signs of reversing lower – led by the Nasdaq 100 & tech stocks – initially validating analysis for a late-April–late-June decline…Led by important ‘proxies’ like AAPL, the NQM peaked on April 19, 2016 – the latest phase of a 19–20 week low-high-high-high-(high) Cycle Progression dating back to the mid-Oct. 2014 spike low – just as it was nearing but not exceeding its weekly 21 High MARC.

As the same time, the Transports retested their March 20th high (30-degree cycle) but failed to close above that high, creating a double top exactly 90 degrees from the Jan. 20th low.  Since it did not close above its previous high, the DJTA peak of March 20th – that perpetuated a 33–36 week/~8-month high (July ’13)–high (April ’14)–high (Nov. ’14)–high (Aug. ’15)–high Cycle Progression – remains intact. 

Most of the Indices peaked on April 19th or 20th – in perfect unison with the Date of Aggression.  Those highs occurred ~90 degrees from the Jan. 20th spike lows in so many Indices… as well as the latest phase of the DJIA’s 24-week high (Dec. ’14)–high (May ’15)–high (Nov. ’15)–high (April 18–22, 2016) Cycle Progression… an over-arching cycle of almost 180 degrees.

And with that peak, the S+P fulfilled a textbook example of wave (duration) equality, creating successive 10-week advances.  That was/is expected to spur an initial drop into May 16–20th.  The NQ-100 triggered a daily 2 Close Reversal sell signal on April 19th & a weekly one on April 22nd – corroborating all this.”  [Refer to April 30, 2016 Weekly Re-Lay for expounded analysis on developing sell signals, leading into the next ‘Danger Period’.]