Arab Spring; Egypt Next? 2011 Date with Destiny!

40-Year & 30-Year Cycle in 2011;
Middle East ‘Shift’ Projected!
Precursor to 2018–2021 Union?

01/05/11 INSIIDE Track: “Outlook 2011… Date With Destiny

            0105-11 – The year 2011 is – in my opinion – a true Date with Destiny.  From a cyclic perspective, it is a watershed year.  This could, however, take many forms….

Out with the Old, In with the New

As I have stated before, the entire period of 2011–2013 could be viewed as one large cycle… as well as three (or more) individual cycles.  By the time 2014 arrives, it should be a much different world… and a dramatically changing global power structure.

While certain events could fulfill specific cycles, the ultimate result will be one major transition – globally, economically & militarily.  In order to understand this best, however, it is important to assess each of the individual cycles and to glean all that is possible from them.

Decennial Anniversaries

2011 is the next phase of a Decennial Pattern (a pattern that repeats itself within each successive decade) that I have described before.  As such, it is the 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 70 year anniversary of major events that tie together the US & the Middle East.

The actual anniversary dates – from these original events – could be significant, although I am more focused on the synergy of all these anniversaries converging in the year of 2011.  However, they are still worth mentioning.

The first of these is the 30-Year Anniversary of the Algiers Accord and subsequent release of the hostages at the American Embassy in Iran.  These events occurred on January 19th & 20, 1981, so January 19–20, 2011 (30 years later) is a period worth monitoring…

Trigger Updates

As discussed last month, there could be multiple ‘triggers’ that initiate a major transition (and possibly a war) in the coming years.  A couple of these potential triggers warrant an update:

1 – Indictments – by a UN Tribunal – with regard to the assassination of Rafik Hariri in 2005 (the previous Lebanese Prime Minister who had been working to minimize Syrian influence over Lebanon, in the months before his death). These indictments are (allegedly) imminent and could have a profound impact on Hezbollah and the balance of power in Lebanon.

2 – Potential vacuum of power in Saudi Arabia.  Saudi King Abdullah was flown to New York for multiple surgeries in late-November & early-December.  He is said to be recuperating and doing better.  However, it cannot be ignored that he is 86 years old and his half-brother – who is currently running the country – is also in his 80’s.  So, time is not on their side.

3 – Revolt in another Middle East nation, potentially Egypt (even though it is technically in N. Africa).  Violence leading up to elections in early-December and the increase of Muslim attacks on Coptic Christian sites are increasing instability in Egypt.  Watch closely.”

“Out with the Old, In with the New” in 2011!  Middle East ‘Shift’ Projected; Watch Egypt closely.