Brexit Vote Fulfilling Pound Cycles

Brexit Vote Fulfilling Pound Cycles;
Another British Pound-ing Underway!
8-Year Cycle Reinforced AGAIN.

06/25/16 Weekly Re-Lay: 

“The Dollar Index is increasing in volatility – as had been expected leading into and out of a potential Brexit vote – consolidating above the lows set in early-May ’16… while trying to confirm a multi-month reversal higher.  It would take a weekly close above 95.77/DXU to turn the weekly trend up and accomplish that.

From a cyclic basis, early-May ’16 was the ideal time for a 3–6 month bottom, arriving 2 years from the decisive low of early-May ’14, 1 year from the early-May ‘15 low weekly close & 5 years from the early-May ‘11 bottom.  

Looking out over the coming months, the Dollar is expected to set its next intermediate high in late-Aug./earlySept. 2016 – the next phase of that ~90-degree cycle (that just helped pinpoint the late-May peak) & a 9-month high (Mar. ’15)–high (Dec. ’15)–high (Sept. ’16Cycle Progression.    

In the interim, it was expected to set a secondary low on June 20th or 21st (it actually waited until June 23rd) and then rally into mid-July on the heels of the Brexit vote.  In fulfilling this analysis, the Dollar also generated an outside-week/2 Close Reversal Combo higher after attacking & holding its weekly HLS.

The Euro did the inverse – fulfilling projections for a quick surge to its weekly LHR before the Brexit vote and then triggering a new decline…

40-Year Cycle Update:  The June 23rd vote for Brexit confirms multiple long-term cycles, including the one discussed last week.  On June 5, 1975, The UK voted to remain in the European Common Market – with overwhelming support.

40 years later – almost to the week – on May 28, 2015, the UK Parliament agreed to hold a referendum on potentially exiting (Brexit) the European Union… after several years of public pressure.  The tide had turned…

Once again, the 40-Year Cycle precisely timed a seismic shift in geopolitics, human behavior and economics.  The results could hasten related expectations for 2016/2017 – based on the ubiquitous 40-Year Cycle (as well as the 8-Year, 80-Year & 800-Year Cycles)… and ongoing expectations for a UK & British Pound crisis.”

 [Brexit is the latest fulfillment of and validation to ongoing analysis for a steady degradation of the European Union leading into 2018.  The 8-Year Cycle & 40-Year Cycle have been anticipating another pummeling of the British Pound in 2016… and this could trigger multiple unintended – and potentially unstoppable – consequences (that would fulfill other uncanny cycles converging in 2016–2021!

See INSIIDE Track & 40-Year Cycle Reports for additional analysis & expectations that detail European – and Middle East – Unification Cycles in 2018–2021.]