Chile & Japan Earthquake Cycles in 2010-2011

40-Year Cycle Corroborated by 11-Year Sunspot Cycle;
…“extreme events in next 2-3 years”…

01/29/10 INSIIDE Track: “‘Signs in the Sun’

            The (approximate) 11-Year Sunspot Cycle identifies the ebb and flow of solar activity.  This is important since this activity – massive explosions on the surface of the Sun – generate electro-magnetic storms that sometimes bombard earth.

Being a magnetic planet, and electro-magnetic creatures (why else would EKGs & EEGs be so effective), these storms – or lack thereof – have a profound influence on Earth, Earth’s climate (despite what a modern agenda says)… and Earth’s inhabitants.

As the data on page 5 demonstrates, this Sunspot Cycle is just beginning to turn back up.  If it follows expectations (which it has NOT done up to this point), the coming years could see a significant increase in major solar storms and ‘events’, exacerbating and/or magnifying all of the other cycles that are culminating at the same time.

I have repeatedly demonstrated how this Cycle impacts wars – particularly in the Middle East – and, when coinciding with the geomagnetic, 17-Year Cycle (every 3 phases of the 11-Year Sunspot Cycle closely correlate to every 2 phases of the 17-Year Cycle) also time economic depressions, stock market collapses, banking failures, currency destabilization, earth disturbances, etc.  [This was all described in or before 2007.]

On a larger-degree basis, there are other things that this has timed – like Disease/Plague Outbreaks – and which could become an increased possibility in the coming years.

However, it has also timed the obvious – solar storms and weather extremes.

The reason this is intriguing is because the coming years represent a convergence of cycles – including a 40-Year Period of Testing – originating from previous events (i.e. massive solar explosion in 1972) and portending some extreme events in the next 2-3 years…just as the current Sunspot Cycle is likely to be accelerating higher…

It may not, however, be just solar magnetic storms bombarding the earth.  In case you were not listening, two surprise meteor/asteroid strikes hit earth’s atmosphere during a 3-week period in late-2009.  One exploded overIndonesia (late-October) and the other over the Western United States (mid-November).

With all the technology & know-how we think we possess, both of these events were described as ‘unexpected’, ‘without warning’, ‘a surprise’.

Similar descriptions were used in 2008/2009 even though a VERY consistent cycle projected a 2-3 year, 35-50% drop in the Stock Market.  After the drop took place, there was ‘no way anyone could have ever anticipated that’. Wrong.”


40-Year Cycle & 17-Year Cycle combine with 11-Year Sunspot Cycle & augur ‘extreme events in the next 2-3 years’, including major earth disturbances (see related Reports regarding risks for Chile/S. America in 2010, Japan in 2011 & N. America in 2012) and Middle East upheaval in 2011.