Date of Aggression Cycles Validated

Date of Aggression Cycles Validated;
Gold & Silver Surges Confirm.
Peaks Expected in late-April & mid-June.

04/19/16 INSIIDE Track Intra-month Update:  

Gold & Silver surged through April 19th, in perfect fulfillment of Date of Aggression cycles as well as the potential for a sharp 2–3 day advance… China did initiate a yuan-based gold fix at the Shanghai Gold Exchange, yet another step in their steady but accelerating move towards global monetary significance (if not supremacy).  

While this event has its own individual significance, the greater importance is what it means for the overall outlook for 2016–2017, when China’s long-term cycle of global ascension reaches a crescendo.

On a near-term basis, Silver is still arguing for the culmination of this latest advance – that began in precise lockstep with its April 4th low close… More upside is still possible before that peak is seen, with the weekly LHR a potential target.  [See full IT Update for details on projected high.]

Gold has related, intermediate cycles on April 25–29th that could also time the next 2–4 week peak.  Gold remains in a 1–2 month trading range and has not (yet) signaled the onset of a new impulse wave.  This took on heightened significance after Gold fulfilled the potential for a pullback low on April 14th – fulfilling a 17-day high-low-(low) Cycle Progression.

That late-April cycle high is also the mid-point of the current ~90-degree high-high cycle – separating the mid-March peak with an expected mid-June peak.  That is the next cycle high – ~90 degrees from the mid-March peaks and the next phase of a ~90-degree low-high-high Cycle Progression.

The XAU surged to new highs, reaffirming that it is now more likely to set a peak in the current week – ~180 degrees from its Oct. 2015 peak & ~90 degrees from its mid-January low.”  [See related Weekly Re-Lay publications for additional details surrounding future June 2016 cycle high.]

Gold & Silver confirming bullish outlook.  More upside still expected.  Initial surge could last into April 29th… and be followed (later) by similar surge into ‘middle half of June 2016’ – when important peak is most likely (see recent Weekly Re-Lays).  See 2016 – The Golden Year & 40-Year Cycle: The Golden Years Reports for additional details on longer-term outlook and what it portends for 2016/2017… including decisive China Cycles in 2016/2017.