Dollar Revolution: Gold

“Dollar Revolution: Gold”
40-Year Cycle Peak in Aug. 2011…
Multi-Year Correction Unfolding.

06/04/13 Dollar Revolution: Gold:  “Gold & Silver remain in a 1-2 year bear market – accelerating lower from the highs set in August 2011 – a major multi-year cycle high that represented a 40-Year period of testing from when the U.S. shut the Gold window in August 1971… All trends remain down, reinforcing the overall outlook for a continued decline (on balance) into 4Q 2013

If Gold & Silver have reached these second downside price targets by then, a 3-5 year (or longer) bottom should take hold.  If they have not yet reached those targets, a 6-12 month or even 1-2 year bottom is still likely… with at least a 3-6 month advance to follow.

Gold has another key level of multi-year support that is below 1130.0/GC, but it is unclear if this overall decline could reach that range.  It comes into play around 1033–1045.0/GCand incorporates many important wave, retracement, and projection levels that will be elaborated if/when Gold nears ~1150.0/GC

Gold & Silver are in the process of correcting a 10-12 year bull market and could see significant declines before fully correcting those advances.  That is why they could/should reach these secondary downside targets before a 3–5 year (or longer) bottom is intact.

4Q 2013 is an important convergence of cycles that should at least trigger a 3-6 month rally… but the most critical factor will be if they have reached these downside targets during that cycle low.  If not, a final low could come during the next phase of monthly cycles and during the time that is associated with major Dollar/Gold shifts – in 2015/2016.”

Gold & Silver should drop into 4Q 2013 and possibly into 2015/2016.  The outlook for 2014–2016 is HEAVILY dependent on what Gold & Silver do in 4Q 2013.  For a FREE copy ofINSIIDE Track: Dollar Revolution – Gold, e-mail us and request it.