Euro Drop into late-2015 Likely

Euro Drop into late-2015 Likely; 
Yen Bottom Near .8062/JY Expected.
Euro Crisis on Horizon (2015–2018).

1/03/15 INSIIDE Track: “US Dollar/Int’l Currencies


01/03/15 – The Dollar Index remains positive and on course for an overall advance from May 2014 into late-2015 and up to its ideal target at ~95–96.00/DX.  It has already reached its initial 12–18 month objective – at ~91.00/DX – while fulfilling near-term projections for a quick surge to 91.54–91.64/DXH.  That fulfilled multiple weekly LHR targets and a pair of precise wave relationships.

If the Dollar sets a 1Q 2015 low around 87.00/DXH (which is also a key level of resistance turned into support from the early-Oct. high), it would corroborate the overall outlook by creating a 1–2 year LLH and an Intra-Year PLLR target at ~95.00/DX.

The Euro held near-term resistance and triggered the next wave down – ultimately breaking below its July 2012 low at 1.2051/EC – the lowest point of the past 4 years.  The Euro needed to close below that level in order to generate the next level of confirmation to projections for a drop from 1.4000/EC in May 2014 to ~1.1000/EC (or below) in late-2015.

This brings the Euro ever closer to what I believe will be the ultimate ‘tipping point’ – a weekly & monthly close below 1.1874/EC – the June 2010 low and lowest level of past 9 years (to confirm the 1–2 year outlook and trigger panic in the EU).

In order to drive home the point I have tried to make (on pages 1–6), and validate the parallels to 2007/2008, I have reiterated the quote from May 2007 – BUT substituted the Euro & its price levels (in 2014/ 2015) for the Dollar in 2007/2008 (see page 11 inset).

I have described for several years – and continue to believe – that a crisis in Europe needs to take place as the next ‘domino’ to fall and reinforce expectations for 2011–2018 and beyond.  The Euro breaking below critical support is likely to be part of that… and generate a necessary shift in public sentiment.

The Yen is nearing Major, 10-year support around .8100/JY.  .8062/JY is a multi-year, HHL projection and right at the 2007 low of .8078/JY.  Similar to the Euro, a break below this level could trigger panic… and repercussions against the U.S. Dollar.

The British Pound broke below support and extended its 3–6 month decline – a drop that could now bottom in January 2015 – a 50% retracement in time (12 months up/6 months down) and 6 years from its January 2009 bottom.

The Canadian Dollar remains weak while fulfilling 2014 analysis – for a continued drop into…”

Cycles Project Euro Decline into late-2015 (ushering in 2016 – The Golden Year) Before Next 6–12 Month Bottom.  Euro Crisis Expected, Leading into 2018.  Watch 2015–2017!  Japanese Yen Nearing Level for Major Bottom.(~.8062/JY); Mid-2015 = 17-Year Cyclefrom mid-1998 Bottom.