Euro Poised for Major, Multi-Year Decline

May 5, 2011 – ‘Euro Demise’

Global Unity Movement (G.U.M.)

Throughout the better part of the past two decades, I have attempted to meticulously detail many of the cycles – and impacted entities – involved in reaching this conclusion.

I plan on spending most of 2011 pulling these back together, updating them (since a lot has transpired since the early discussions) and – like a proficient lawyer would do – making my case for 2011 being a true ‘Date with Destiny’.

A few of the most noteworthy cycles include the following that have already been discussed (leading into 2011) and reiterated (in the opening months of 2011 after global events fulfilled them with uncanny timing and precision)…

1 – Arab Unity Cycles Kingdom of Jerusalem Cycles that reach a crescendo in 2011… and usher in a more dramatic phase (the onset of a new cycle when events are usually most volatile) leading into 2018/2019.  These cycles were projected to be triggered by upheaval throughout the Middle East in 2011… and to ultimately result in a new reality regarding Jerusalem.

While the first part of 2011 has seen dramatic events that perfectly fulfill this analysis, I am certain there is more to come.  And there are two time frames that are critical cycles (particularly related to Jerusalem/Israel cycles), in this regard:

— Mid-May through early-June 2011.

— Early-Sept. through early-Oct. 2011.

September 2011 is probably the most significant – from a cycle basis – and I will review my focus on ‘September events in Israel & the Middle East’ in the next couple months.

2 – Earth Disturbance Cycles that had been divided into two segments for the period from 2009–2014.  This included expectations for major earthquakes in 2009–2011 (with Japan & the US forecast to experience major quakes in 2011 or even 2012) and for major volcanoes in 2012–2014.

Chile fulfilled expectations for a major quake in 2010, increasing the focus on Japan in 2011.

Japan just fulfilled projections for a major quake in this time frame… increasing the focus on the US/North America from April 2011 into October 2012.

[April 2012 would create symmetry between the Feb. 2010 Chile quake, March 2011 Japan quake and a future US/N. American quake – but this is just one factor pointing to that particular month.]

3 – European Unity Cycles that begin a new phase in 2011… and are expected to reach fruition in 2018/2019.

While political revolt, terrorism and/or civil war are the likely triggers for Arab Unity Cycles, it is more likely that financial woes – and potentially major earth disturbances (since I have repeatedly described earthquake and/or volcano cycles for Iceland, Greece & Italy) – could play a significant role in European Unity Cycles.

2011 is an exact 60-Year Cycle (Cycle of Life) from the Treaty of Paris on April 18, 1951**.

This treaty created the 6-nation European Coal & Steel Community that paved the way for the Treaties of Rome (signed in 1957; took effect in 1958) and the ultimate creation of the European Community.

1951–1958 ushered in one phase of European Unity while 2011–2018 is expected to usher in another phase.

Many Biblical scholars and prophecy experts expect a 10-nation European Union (’revived Roman Empire’) to play a major role in global unification.  I have my own views on that topic, but there is an interesting cycle related to this topic, which is why I even mention it…

In 1981 – exactly 30 years after the original Treaty of Paris in 1951** – Greece became the 10th member of the EU, ushering in a new phase.

Another 30 years later (30-year Cycle Progression) – in 2011 – Europe could/should enter another new phase – the Phase of Fruition… when 60 years of work & preparation reach fruition.

[**It is also important to note the Date of Infamy relationship to this event.  If a unified Europe ultimately displaces America as the world leader, it would be traced back to April 18, 1951… a single day before April 19/20th – a date that has impacted America’s entire history AND which also timed the birth of the Rome.]…

A Shadow of Things to Come

It is interesting that the Treaty of Paris was not the first attempt at European Monetary Union.

The Latin Monetary Union was an intriguing forerunner that came into effect in August 1866 between France, Belgium, Italy & Switzerland.  Two years later – in 1868 – they were joined by Spain & Greece.

This union (which was ultimately joined by 5 other nations – for a total of 11) agreed to standardize their national currencies to Silver & Gold (at a 15.5/1 ratio).

The union began to crack when the Holy See (later known as the Vatican) began to circulate their own silver coins without adhering to the agreed amount of silver.  It was a very profitable venture for the Holy See but not for anyone else and led to French & Swiss banks rejecting the ‘cheaper’ coins from the Papal States.

Problems with Silver – most notably its growing availability – quickly created additional problems and prompted a move to a gold standard in 1873/1874 and suspending silver coinage in 1878.

The Latin Monetary Union hobbled along in principle for 60 years (there’s that cycle again), but really ended (for all intents & purposes) along with World War I – in 1918… 40 years after the gold/silver debacles of 1873–1878.

This 40-year ‘period of testing’ – in relation to a sound and solid backing of a national currency – was soon repeated in the U.S.

[Keep in mind this is more of a moral process than an economic one.  Solomon – perhaps the king that accumulated the greatest concentration of Gold in all of history – repeatedly warned against ‘dishonest scales’: an ever-changing standard of currency.

If you want to really comprehend God’s views on a dishonest monetary standard, read the 6th chapter of Micah… and the ramifications for Israel.]”