Gold Advance Complete

Gold Completing 2+-Month Advance; 
1308.0/GCJ Target Reached;  Top is Imminent!

01/21/15 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: Gold & Silver are continuing to fulfill analysis for a rally from their Nov. 3–7th cycle low into January 2015 – surging into daily & weekly cycles on January 20–23rd.  This comes after Gold provided the latest bullish confirmation on the Jan. 16th weekly close.

Gold & Silver both attacked (and held) their weekly LHRs last week – signaling that an intermediate high could be on the horizon – reinforcing those daily & weekly cycles.  January 21st – 90 degrees from the Oct. 21st high and a .618 rebound of the July–Nov. 2014 decline – is the ideal time for that to take hold.

The weekly trend patterns also pinpoint this week (and/or next) as the ideal time for an intermediate high.  Corroborating that, Gold has just attacked initial 2–3 month resistance around 1308.0/GCG.  [See Weekly Re-Lay for details, including updated trading/exit strategy on long positions.]