Gold Attacks & Holds Ideal Support

Gold Attacks & Holds Ideal Support.
Sept. 11–24th Advance Expected;
Sept. 14th & 15th = Key.

09/12/15 Weekly Re-Lay: Gold & Silver are locked in a ~2-month congestion range after setting new multi-year lows in late-July…Gold set its peak on Aug. 24th, ~30 degrees from its July 24th low and the culmination of a daily Cycle Progression.  That ~30-degree low-high Cycle Progressionprojects a subsequent high (low-high-high) for ~Sept. 24th

If a peak is set in September, it could usher in [reserved for subscribers] and set the stage for Precious Metals’ cycles to turn positive in 2016 – The Golden Year.  That also dovetails with analysis for several commodities to bottom in Nov./Dec. 2015.

The XAU spiked to a new low on Sept. 11th, fulfilling its weekly trend pattern and perpetuating the same 6–7 trading-day cycle that also projected a low in Gold for Sept. 11th.  A bounce into Sept. 24th or 25th is possible…

Silver has managed to keep its intra-month trend neutral, despite spiking to new 2-week lows…Both were expected to set secondary lows on Sept. 10th or 11th – with Gold perpetuating a 6–7 trading-day high-high-(low) Cycle Progression that last timed the Sept. 1st high…

1-2 year+ traders & investors should have entered partial long (cash) positions in late-July/ early-August and should risk a weekly close below the lows.”  TRADING INVOLVES SUBSTANTIAL RISK!  [See 9/12/15 Weekly Re-Lay for additional details & specifics.]

Sept. 11th Confirms Bullish Scenario, Ultimately Leading into 2016. 

2016 is Latest Phase of 40-Year Cycle in Gold; 1896, 1936 & 1976 Produced Momentous Events; 2016 Should Repeat!.

See 2016 – The Golden Year Reports for expectations for 2016–2018.