Gold Reaches Trend Objective

Gold Reaches Trend Objective…
June 5–9th Cycle High Unfolding;
Drop into June 16–20th Should Follow.

06/07/17 Weekly Re-Lay Alert – “The Dollar’s Wide-Ranging Impact (Bitcoin?)”:


Gold has just fulfilled its weekly trend pattern, rallying back to its highs…1–4 week traders could be long August Comex Gold futures at 1262 down to 1256.2/GCQ & holding these w/avg. open gains of about $3,400/contract.

Move sell stops to [reserved for subscribers].

The XAU is fulfilling the near-term outlook, gaining a few days of support from Gold’s sharp rally while setting the stage for a new leg down as soon as Gold signals a top.

If that rebound peak is seen by June 9th – as is most likely – it would allow the XAU to subsequently see a quick drop into June 16–20th, the next intermediate cycle low (see June 2017 INSIIDE Track for additional analysis).”


Gold fulfills weekly trend pattern during most likely time for peak (June 6–9th).  XAU Index rebounds and prepares for next leg down.  Subsequent drop into June 16–20th expected.

See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for more specific expectations, targets & trading strategies.