Gold & Silver Affirming 40-Year Cycle

Gold & Silver Affirming 40-Year Cycle;
Projected Sept. 11th–24th Surge Validated…
Could Spur Advance Beyond Sept. 24th!

09/16/15 Intraday Weekly Re-Lay Alert: Gold, Silver & the XAU were expected to complete their pullbacks on Sept. 11th – the latest phase of the 6–7 trading-day high-high-(low) Cycle Progression that last timed the Sept. 1st high** – and then see a rally into ~Sept. 24th, when intermediate cycles converge.

[**The preceding phases of that cycle created a 6-7 trading-day low-low-low-(high) Cycle Progression that precisely timed the Aug. 24th peak – when initial long positions were exited – and then the secondary high on Sept. 1st.]

The action of Sept. 14th & 15th validated that as both metals held their Sept. 11th lows – a low that attacked & held the 2DGR (.786) retracement level in Gold… the most common level for a ‘b’ or ‘2’ wave low.  Silver retested its Sept. 11th low and did not close below it, reaffirming its significance.

That corroborates the outlook for a new 1–2 week surge that could take Gold & Silver back to their Aug. 24th highs, even as they perpetuate a ~30-degree low (July 24th)–high (Aug. 24th)–high (Sept. 24th) Cycle Progression.

The action of Sept. 1st–15th, however, is increasing the possibility that there will be more (to the upside) in the near future.  And, there are multiple reasons for this – some of which involve current indicators & cycles and others that involve the potential for…a larger-degree `4-Shadow’ signal in Gold and/or Silver…

There are several reasons why it is possible in this time frame.  However, the more significant aspect is what it would mean for 2016 – and how it would corroborate the overall outlook…

In the case of Gold, its recent rally slightly exceeded the magnitude of its March–May ’15 bounce.  That is an initially positive sign that usually prompts a reactive drop back toward the lows (at least to the .786 retracement level). 

That was fulfilled on Sept. 11th

Gold & Silver are mimicking the action of Nov. & Dec. 2014, when both set intermediate lows – in perfect synchronicity with intermediate (Nov. ’14) cycles – and both rebounded. 

Then, during the ensuing pullback, Silver spiked to a new low (without ever giving a weekly close below its previous low) as Gold bottomed at higher levels – after a .786 retracement.

Sound familiar?

That is VERY similar to what took place between July 24th–Aug. 26th, when Silver spiked to new lows without ever giving a weekly close below its July 24th low… and Gold bottomed at higher levels.

In Dec. 2014, both metals then surged… that’s another reason/parallel/analog that reinforces the potential for Gold & Silver to extend this advance into xxxx xx/xx.

Ultimately, Gold needs to…”

[9/16/15 Intraday Alert provides specific upside targets in time & price, preparing for potential Sept. 14th–24th surge… and continuation into ????. 2016 – The Golden Year Reports elaborate on outlook for 2016–2018.]

Sept. 14–24th surge would give next level of confirmation to long-term analysis for Major bottom in 2015.  If Gold can reach ‘4-Shadow’ confirmation point – by the time those pivotal cycles mature in 4Q 2015 – it would powerfully reinforce the outlook for 2016!

And, as discussed in 2016 – The Golden Year Reports, that could be a harbinger of momentous shifts in specific Middle East nations (as well as Russia & China) in 2016–2017!