Gold & Silver Confirm Oct. 5 – 6 Cycle Low

Gold & Silver Confirm Oct. 5 – 6 Cycle Low;
Forecast Rally into Oct. 13 – 16 Underway…
Critical Price Targets in Focus!


10/11/17 Weekly Re-Lay Alert – GaME Changer Corroboration:


“The action of Gold, Silver & the Energy complex (as well as recent communiques out of Turkey) is corroborating the potential for an uptick in tensions in the Middle East in the coming months.  As described in several issues of INSIIDE Track this year, the GaME (Gold and Middle East) Changer was/is expected to take hold from late-Sept. 2017 into late-Sept. 2018

Gold & Silver have rallied sharply since dropping into daily & weekly cycles and bottoming on Oct. 5 – 6.  They turned their intra-month trends up with Silver also turning its daily trend up (Gold needs a daily close above 1296.7/GCZ to do the same).  Both have spiked above their weekly LHRs, so the action of the next 1 – 2 days should be decisive.

An initial high could take hold by/on mid-month, particularly if Gold reverses its daily trend up.

The XAU is increasing in volatility, turning its daily trend up and then seeing a textbook 1 – 3 day pullback (while spiking down to and holding its daily HLS).  This should spur a rally into (at least) mid-month.”


Gold & Silver rallying from cycle lows on Oct. 5 – 6.  Quick surge into Oct. 13 – 16 projected – and on track.  Gold stocks (XAU) in sync.  Upside targets honed and now in focus.

See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for additional analysis and/or trading strategies.