Gold & Silver Congesting

Gold & Silver Congesting
Nov. 13 – 17 = New Advance?
Weekly 21 MACs Concur.


11/08/17 Weekly Re-Lay Alert – GaME-Changer Inflection Point:


Gold & Silver are trying to rally, but have so far been unable to turn their intra-month trends up.  The weekly trend patterns remain moderately positive, arguing for a rally back to the September highs.

Gold & Silver need to produce weekly closes above 1297.0/GCZ & 17.100/SIZ to re-enter their weekly uptrends and validate that scenario.  In the interim, they should not give weekly closes below 1262.8/GCZ & 16.640/SIZ.

The daily 21 MACs are currently negative and could apply pressure into next week.  That is intriguing since the weekly 21 MACs are also negative but likely to turn positive on Nov. 13 – 17 (barring a significant drop in the interim).

In the interim, Gold & Silver would not turn positive until daily closes above 1285.1/GCZ & 17.255/SIZ.

The XAU is similar and bounced enough to set new intra-month highs but could not close high enough to turn the intra-month trend up.  A daily close above 82.60/XAU would be the first indication that a multi-week low is taking hold.  Until that occurs, the trend is down and could spur additional spike lows in the month of November.”


Gold & Silver are poised to congest until Nov. 13 – 17, when new bullish forces are expected to kick in.  That is also when Gold stocks have the best potential to reverse back up… at least on a multi-week basis.

The XAU is still expected to drop to new multi-month lows in the interim, with the weekly HLS indicator projecting a bottom by/on Nov. 13 – 17, at the very latest.  Cycles & the weekly 21 MAC (in Gold) are poised to turn back up on Nov. 13 – 17.  Multi-month buy signal also triggered in Gold on Oct. 2 – 6; see Oct. 2017 INSIIDE Track for details & strategy.


See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for additional analysis and/or trading strategies.