Gold & Silver Cycle Lows

Gold Attacks 3–5 Year Downside Target… During Cycle Low;
Significant Rebound Expected…
1030–1045/GC = 2015 Downside Objective!

11/05/14 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: “Gold & Silver’s Next Phase IIStock Indices are reaching the culmination of multi-week, multi-month, multi-year & multi-decade cycles (in 4Q 2014 and most synergistic in Nov. 2014) at the same time that Gold & Silver are attacking 3–5 year downside price targets – levels that represent a form of culmination or fruition on a multi-year basis.

While that is not expected to mark the final low in Precious Metals – since it is arriving before multi-year cycles bottom in mid-2015 – it could identify an important, penultimate bottom and set the stage for an intriguing relationshipbetween Stock Indices & Gold during the next 6–9 months.  The outlook for Gold & Silver is discussed later in thepublication.  For now…

Stock Indices continue to validate the lows set during decisive cycles in mid-October.  Those lows perpetuated a unique sequence of ~90-degree & ~180-degree turning points that project a more significant low in mid-April 2015 – the same time that the 40-Year Cycle of War reaches fruition…

Gold & Silver have plummeted into intermediate cycles on Nov. 3–7th.  A low in this time frame would create a ~4-month high-high-(low) Cycle Progression, connecting the March 17th high & July 10th high with a potential low this week.  That is another example of the 16–17 week cycle that has been so prevalent in Silver.

More importantly, Gold is attacking its primary 3–5 year downside price target – at 1127–1159.0/GC.  That range was described and reiterated in 2013 – and again in the intervening months – and has now been fulfilled.

However, since it is being fulfilled BEFORE 3–5 year cycles bottom – in mid-2015 – it ushers in the possibility (probability) that Gold will eventually head towards its second, 3–5 year downside objective, at 1030–1045.0/GC.

And, again, if Gold is testing that range in mid-2015, it would provide the ideal setup for a final bottom.  IF, in contrast, Gold tests it before mid-2015 – additional downside could be seen…

Bottom Line: Gold & Silver remain bearish – after Gold rebounded to and held resistance in October – and on track for an overall drop into mid-2015.  Another 2–4 week bottom is possible by week’s end, but that could still be at lower levels.”


1030–1045/GC = MAJOR Downside Objective for Gold;

Expected (‘Ideal’) Timing = In/After Mid-2015

~4-Month Cycle Lows in MarchJuly & Nov. 2015.

17-Year Cycle – Stocks 2014–2016 II