Gold/Silver Decline & Arab Spring. 2016 = Next Phase.

2011 Powerfully Fulfills Middle East Cycles;
2–4 Year ‘Retreat’ Possible… Then 2016–2018.
Gold & Silver Fulfill 40-Year Cycle!

11/30/11 INSIIDE Track: “Outlook 2011-2012… Unification Squared

            1130-112011–2013 was projected to be – and is still expected to be – a time when major changes take place in the Middle East.  Arab Unity Cycles were forecast to lead to major changes in many Arab nations (ultimately leading to unification), often a result of violent overthrows.  This expectation has been published for several years and was reiterated again in this November 2010 analysis:

“The year 2011 is the culmination and transition of a myriad of MAJOR cycles – some 60, 360, 660, 720, 1,440, 1,980 and even 3,960 years in duration.  The period of 2011–2013 incorporates an even greater convergence of cycles, including things like Kingdom of Jerusalem Cycles and Arab-Unity Cycles (2011) Middle East War Cycles (2012) and Dollar/China/Saudi Arabia Cycles (2013).

   …What kinds of  ‘earth-shaking’ events could occur?  What nations will be directly involved?  And what others will be on the periphery?… Revolt in another Middle East nation.  (Egypt & Saudi Arabia have always remained at the top of this list, but others are not far behind.)

    …These (potential) events are just the triggers…Among many other cycles, 2011 is 40 Years of ‘Testing’ since the United Arab League finally dissolved in 1971 (and 50 years from its initial split in 1961).  It is 80 years (2 periods of ‘testing’ or ‘preparation’) from the World Islamic Congress of December 7, 1931… in Jerusalem.

   2011 is the culmination of many unique cycles related to the Arab League…” 

It was only three weeks later – on December 18, 2010 – that the Arab Spring began.  Up to the present, this series of explosive events has resulted in revolutions in at least 6 nations, major protests in at least 5 others andmoderate protests in still others.

Less than two months after this analysis was reiterated, the revolution in Egypt took hold – on January 25, 2011.  While this had many immediate ramifications, there is one major one that is still playing out.  It is the impact on the 1978 Camp David Accord between Egypt & Israel.

That is the dichotomy of many powerful leaders.  They are notoriously controlling and often cruel.  Paradoxically, they tend to keep various levels of peace – domestically & internationally.

Saddam Hussein kept the various tribes and warring factions in Iraq from destroying each other… but in a very cruel manner.

Hosni Mubarak was one of the biggest impediments to an all-out explosion in the Middle East, at least with regard to Israel.  That is no longer the case.

So, what does this mean for 2012 & 2013?


Date With Destiny Validated

For starters, very little in the outlook has changed AND MAJOR expectations have been powerfully corroborated.

For over a decade, 2011 was projected to be a MAJOR turning point in the Middle East.  It was forecast to usher in events that would ultimately lead to a new Arab Union and to a new Battle for Jerusalem (diplomatically & militarily).

It is fair to say that 2011 has fulfilled most of that analysis.

2011 was projected to usher in a multi-year period of European instability that would bring Europe to the brink of disunity… economically and politically.  This was expected to coincide with a major drop in the Euro currency.

At the very least, 2011 has begun that process.”