Gold & Silver Fulfill Latest Drop

Gold & Silver Fulfill Latest Drop;
October Rebound Projected…
Mid-Nov. ‘16 = Crucial Cycle Low!

10/05/16 Weekly Re-Lay Alert – Gold’s Early-Oct./1260.0 Target Attacked: 

Gold & Silver have powerfully fulfilled the latest phase of the 3–6 month outlook, which called for another drop (the third since early-July) into early-October, when a recurring ~30-degree cycle comes back into play.

The previous decline was projected to drop to 1308.0/GC, into late-August, and then spur a brief bounce into early-September before another drop in the month that followed.  That decline was projected to reach ~1260.0/GCZ by/in early-October.

Gold has nearly fulfilled this as Silver has broken below 18.50/SIZ and remains on track for an ultimate drop to ~16.00/SIZ (although that could wait until larger-degree cycles converge on Nov. 7–18, 2016).  That is also when Gold could reach 1220.0/GCZ – the second 3–6 month downside target from the mid-2016 (early-July) peak.

With Gold & Silver nearly fulfilling near-term expectations – without yet turning their new intra-month trends down – it ushers in a pivotal 1–2 day period.  (That is reinforced by the fact that Gold just attacked its weekly 21 Low MARC as Silver attacked its weekly 21 High MARC.)

As explained before, this early-Oct. cycle low could spur a quick bounce into [reserved for subscribers only].

Gold & Silver are fulfilling expectations leading into early-October and are poised for a rebound.  Ultimately, another drop is expected to take them lower – into Nov. 7–18, 2016 and down to 1220.0/GCZ & ~16.000/SIZ… just after Election 2016.  Copper is producing signs of MAJOR bottom in Sept. 2016!  See publications for additional analysis & trading strategies.  Also, see 40-Year Cycle: Golden Years & 2016 – The Golden Year Reports for details on outlook for late-2016 into 2018 (and beyond).