Gold & Silver Fulfill Projected June Surge

Gold & Silver Fulfill Projected June Surge!
Intermediate Peak Nearing.
Spike High into early-July Possible.

06/29/16 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: 

Gold & Silver surged through the middle half of June, with Gold spiking to new highs…Though this does not (yet) signal a peak, the attainment of these objectives – during this intermediate cycle peak – does set the stage for another 1–2 month high.  

Silver just tested weekly resistance while spiking above – but not closing above – its June 24th high.  From a price perspective, it could see some follow-through buying into July 1st…it would complete successive, equal rallies in both price & time (~1 month and ~3.20/SIN points).  It would also perpetuate the month-opening (~30-degree) cycle that has governed it since March (low-low-high-low-high? Cycle Sequence).”

Gold & Silver adhering to 2016 ‘Roadmap’ for multiple surges into mid-2016 followed by pullback in 3Q 2016.  Specific support levels (and potential downside targets) could provide next ‘Golden’ buying opportunity.