Gold & Silver Fulfilling Expectations

Gold & Silver Fulfilling Expectations;
1033–1045/GC = Final Downside Target.

07/22/15 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: “Gold ‘Notching’ (√) the Checklist II  As reiterated last week, Gold & Silver continue to adhere to the prescribed timeline (for 2015 & for 2011–2015), declining from their last cycle highs – in mid-Jan. & mid-May 2015 – into the convergence of MAJOR cycle lows in July 2015.

One of the key aspects of this was Gold extending its decline into July 13–24, 2015 in order to perpetuate the 17–18 week/~4-month cycle that has governed the action of 2014–2015.

Gold has now accomplished that.  

Another important potential was for Gold to test Major, multi-year support around 1087.0/GC (described most recently in the June 2015 INSIIDE Track).

Gold has now accomplished that, as well.  √√

While more downside is still possible, the important fact remains that Gold & Silver have fulfilled so many ofthe downside expectations – dating back to 2011.  So, the stage is certainly being set for an important bottom.

A final possibility – though by no means a certainty – is that Gold spikes down to its second, 3–5 year downside objective at 1033–1045.0/GC.

That long-term objective was described multiple times in 2013–2014 and was validated when Gold & Silver reached their primary 3–5 year downside objectives BEFORE July 2015 (testing those levels in Nov. 2014)…

Gold & Silver are now in the month (July 2015) when a Major bottom is cyclically most likely.  July 2015 is the ‘ideal’ fulfillment of uncanny 7-Year & 11-Year Cycles in Silver (although a low could occur at any time in 2015 & fulfill those) & perpetuates a ~4-month high-high-low-low-(low) Cycle Progression.

A corresponding ~8-month high-low-(low) Cycle Progression also projects an important bottom in July.

Gold & Silver are also in the weeks when a multi-month bottom is cyclically most likely…

The ~4-month cycle is a 17–18 week high-high-low-low-(low) Cycle Progression that pinpoints July 13–17th or July 20–24th as the ideal weeks for a bottom.

It is possible that Gold & Silver experience some follow-through selling or add’l spike lows into Dollar/Euro cycles…”


Late-July ’15 = Latest Phase of ~4-Month Cycle Low;

Nov. ’15 = Next Phase; 1030–1045/GC = Price Target.

2016 = The Golden Year!