Gold & Silver Pulling Back

Gold & Silver Pulling Back…
Lows Expected Around Aug. 9th.
Gold Honing Upside Targets.


08/05/17 Weekly Re-Lay:

Gold & Silver extended their rallies a couple days beyond weekly cycles but remained at their upside price targets and then quickly reversed lower.  That increases the likelihood for a drop into a secondary low around Aug. 9–11th, the midpoint of the prevailing, ~2-month cycle.

Gold’s weekly trend pattern is corroborating that scenario while also reinforcing the 1–2 month outlook.  Gold turned its weekly downtrend to neutral, twice, but could not turn it up.  That fulfills the precise pattern needed for an intermediate high.

Reinforcing that, Silver rallied right to its rebound target and then traced out an outside-week/2 Close Reversal lower – re-entering its weekly downtrend.

The intermediate focus remains on weekly & monthly cycles converging in mid-to-late-Sept. ‘17… when the next multi-month low is most likely.  Among other things, that is the next phase of the ~2-month/9-week/60-degreee low (March 10)–low (May 9)–low (July 10) Cycle Progression that pinpointed the July 10th low.

On a larger scale, a low at any point in Sept. 2017 would create a 21-month high (Mar. ’14)–low (Dec. ’15)–low (Sept. ’17) Cycle Progression.

(That is the same 21-month cycle that helped pinpoint the Sept. 2011 all-time high in Gold, the culmination of a 21-month low-high-high-high Cycle Progression… and then spurred a 21-month drop into June 2013.  So, it has been in force for nearly a decade.)

The XAU reversed lower, after fulfilling projections for a rally from July 10th that targeted 85.10–85.60 for a peak.  The XAU fulfilled that price objective on July 26th and has traded lower ever since.  That was expected to trigger a drop into August 7–11th as part of an ongoing, ~5-month trading range.  This decline could take it back down to ~77.50/XAU (or lower) – the level of the March, May & July lows, the weekly HLS and the weekly 21 Low MARC.”


Gold, Silver & XAU are validating projections for a correction into Aug. 7–11th and an intermediate low at that time.  The price levels of these impending lows should hone expectations for mid-Aug.–mid. Sept.

See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for additional analysis and/or trading strategies.