Gold & Silver Reinforce 2017 Outlook

Gold & Silver Reinforce 2017 Outlook;
Oct. Low Could Trigger Next Phase…
4Q 2017 = Momentous Period!


09/29/17 INSIIDE Track:


Gold & Silver extended their latest intermediate advances by 1 – 2 weeks, prompting an alteration to the outlook for September while reinforcing the overall outlook for 2017 and for 4Q 2017.  They already fulfilled the intra-year outlook for a ~4 month advance followed by a ~2-month decline, leading into a projected mid-2017 (secondary/higher) low.

That validated the overall outlook for 2017, described & illustrated in the Jan. 2017 INSIIDE Track.  At the same time, Gold & Silver were fulfilling intermediate cycles that projected subsequent lows on July 10 – 12 & Aug. 7- 11 (part of a recurring ~30-degree & ~60-degree cycle).

The July 10th low perpetuated a ~2-month/60-degreee low (March 10)–low (May 9)–low Cycle Progression that then inverted & produced an intermediate high on Sept. 8/11.  That was addressed in early-Sept. Weekly Re-Lays and portends a drop into the first half of Oct. – with daily & weekly cycles creating an overall target period of Oct. 4 – 13 for the next intermediate low.  [More specifics on this short-term analysis & minor trends can be found in the latest Weekly Re-Lay publications.]

That is the latest sign that precious metals – in particular Gold – are entering a more accelerated phase of their overall uptrend.  If it can bottom in the first two weeks of October, without turning its weekly trend down, Gold would be in a position to accelerate higher into late-2017.

That would also be in sync with the discussion on so many major Gold moves – and the two largest advances in the past 30 years – taking hold in Sept./Oct..

Silver has resolved some of its divergence with Gold, after its July 2017 low spiked below its late-2016 low (while Gold set a higher low in July)… On a larger-degree basis, Silver is slowly strengthening the potential for a rally into [see Oct. 2017 INSIIDE Track for details on unique cycles & upside objectives aligning in 2018].

Looking ahead, it is important to update the outlook for cycles in [reserved for subscribers], since intervening price action has begun to clarify the outlook.  With Gold’s latest surge and the confirmation of its projected mid-2017 low, it appears more likely to rally into a multi-month high…A few of the key monthly cycles – that come into play at that time – are compiled in the accompanying table.  If Gold sets a pullback low in early-Oct., it would reinforce this web of cycles.

6–12 month & 1–2 year traders & investors should be holding partial (25%) long positions in Silver from early-Jan. ’16…These traders can begin to enter new long positions in Gold (25%) when the futures are trading at [reserved for subscribers;  FUTURES TRADING INVOLVES SUBSTANTIAL RISK!].

The XAU remains in a much weaker (relative) position than Gold, failing to even neutralize its monthly downtrend after turning that trend down in Oct. 2016 and remaining that way up to the present.  It spiked up to weekly LHRs in late-August, portending a multi-month top in early-Sept.

The XAU fulfilled that potential and reversed lower in early-Sept. – triggering expectations for an initial drop from Sept. 8/11 into Sept. 21/22 followed by a second drop in late-Sept./early-Oct…”


Gold & Silver fulfilling 2017 – 2018 outlook & setting stage for dynamic period in 4Q 2017.  Early-Oct. ushers in decisive period and could corroborate outlook into specific period in 2018!

See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for additional analysis and/or trading strategies.