Gold & Silver Reinforcing Add’l Upside

Gold & Silver Reinforcing Add’l Upside;
Gold’s 4-Shadow Signal Triggered…
Portending Strong 1Q ’16 Advance!

09/19/15 Weekly Re-Lay: Gold & Silver confirmed their projected lows (Sept. 10/11th) – the latest phase of the 6–7 trading-day Cycle Progression that has governed the action of the past couple months – and are powerfully validating expectations for a subsequent rally into ~Sept. 24th.

The action of Sept. 14th & 15th reinforced that outlook as both metals held their Sept. 11th lows – a low that attacked & held the 2DGR (.786) retracement level in Gold… the most common level for a ‘b’ or ‘2’ wave low.  Silver retested its Sept. 11th low and did not close below it, reaffirming its significance and a likely low.

As a result, Gold & Silver are still expected to rally into Sept. 21–25th and perpetuate a 17–18 week cycle as well as a ~30-degree low (July 24th)–high (Aug. 24th)–high (Sept. 24th) Cycle Progression.

As explained this past week, however, the action of Sept. 1st–15th increased the potential that there will be more (to the upside) in the near future.  [Refer to the Sept. 16, 2015 Intraday Alert for details on that scenario, on how far this rally could extend, and on what would trigger a corresponding ‘4-Shadow’ signal.]

Ultimately, Gold needs to give a weekly close above 1172.3/GCZ…All of this is expected to set the stage for Gold & Silver to turn even more positive in 2016 – The Golden Year. That also dovetails with analysis for several commodities (and some of the other metals) to bottom in Nov./Dec. 2015

Gold & Silver are mimicking the action of Nov. & Dec. 2014, when both set intermediate lows – in perfect synchronicity with intermediate (Nov. ’14) cycles – and both rebounded. 

Then, during the ensuing pullback, Silver spiked to a new low (without ever giving a weekly close below its previous low) as Gold bottomed at higher levels – after a .786 retracement… just as these two metals have done in 3Q ’15.

That is VERY similar to what took place between July 24th–Aug. 26th, when Silver spiked to new lows without ever giving a weekly close below its July 24th low… and Gold bottomed at higher levels.

In Dec. 2014, both metals then surged into Jan. 22nd.  Is something similar in the cards??”

Gold & Silver increasing potential to extend rally into late-Oct. before a final decline.  Gold needs to give weekly close above 1172.3/GCZ to provide additional validation to outlook for early-2016.  Remaining cycles bottom in Nov./Dec. 2015 and should usher in sharp advance in 1Q 2016… to ultimate 4-Shadow objective – as first phase of expectations for 2016 – The Golden Year.  If both of these unfold, it would powerfully reinforce the outlook for 2016!

See 2016 – The Golden Year Reports for additional analysis on why this could also be a precursor to momentous shifts in specific Middle East nations (as well as Russia & China), beginning in 2016–2017 and carrying forward into Middle East Unification Cycles in 2018–2021!  Crude & related petro-currencies should bottom in 1Q 2016 and also begin to reverse higher.