Gold & Silver Signal Rebound Extension

Gold & Silver Signal Rebound Extension;
Bounce into late-Oct, Then Drop into Nov.
Copper & Platinum Corroborate Nov. ’15 Cycle Lows…

09/30/15 INSIIDE Track: 09/30/15 – Gold & Silver are trading slightly above their July/Aug. 2015 lows but are far from confirming a major bottom.  One interesting aspect of this action is that it looks vaguely familiar (similar, though not exact) to what occurred 10 months ago…

            Gold & Silver are mimicking the action of Nov. & Dec. 2014, when both set intermediate lows – in synch with intermediate (Nov. ’14) cycles – and both rebounded.  During the ensuing pullback, Silver spiked to a new low (without ever giving a weekly close below its previous low) as Gold bottomed at higher levels – after a .786 retracement… just as these two metals have done in 3Q ’15.

            That is VERY similar to what took place between July 24th–Aug. 26th, when Silver spiked to new lows without ever giving a weekly close below its July 24th low… and Gold bottomed at higher levels.  In Dec. 2014, both metals then surged into Jan. 22nd.  A similar move (now) would have them rallying into late-Oct. 2015.

This is, however, a very precarious period…the negative pressures & cycles of other metals could keep pressure on Gold prices into year-end…

            Looking out into 4Q 2015, Nov. 2015 is the next phase of the ~4-month/17-18 week high-high-low-low-low-(low) Cycle Progression that helped pinpoint the July 24th low.  Another intermediate low (higher or lower) is expected at that time… 

            XAU Update:  The XAU remains extremely weak, having broken below 3–5 year support and nearing the MAJOR (25+-year) lows of 2000/2001.  On a longer-term basis, the XAU has a very consistent, 8-year low (4Q 1992)–low (4Q 2000)–low (4Q 2008)–(low) Cycle Progression that does not come back into play until 4Q 2016.

            That reinforces the idea that the ‘stock’ part of those Gold & Silver stocks could ultimately override any positive impact of Gold & Silver in the coming year.  IF that cycle remains as accurate as it has been, the XAU could see a rally in the first half of 2016 – along with Gold & Silver – and then drop back to its lows, leading into late-2016 (potentially coinciding with another significant equity decline).

            On an intermediate basis, the XAU had a powerful convergence of weekly cycles coming into play on Sept. 7–11, 2015.  It spiked to a new low on Sept. 11th, fulfilling those cycles and setting the stage for a multi-month bottom.  It needs to exceed 55.00/XAU to validate that potential.

            Platinum reversed lower after rebounding and twice neutralizing its weekly downtrend.  That removed any near-term bullishness and turned focus back on expectations for an overall decline into 4Q 2015 – the next phase of a 7-year low-low-(low) Cycle Progression.  It is intriguing that VW’s news – viewed as negative for Platinum – emerged so late in this cycle.  It could mark a culmination (in 4Q ‘15)…     

            Copper remains on track for a Major low in 2015 – that is most likely to arrive in Nov./Dec. 2015, the next phase of a 7-year low-low-(low) Cycle Progression.”


Gold & Silver – in mid-Sept. – signaled an extension to their current rebound, which was originally projected to last into late-Sept. before dropping back into Nov. 2015 (the next phase of the uncanny ~4-month low-low Cycle Progression that has already timed lows in Nov. ’14, March ’15 & July ’15).

However, multiple indicators – and one intriguing analog – project another 2–4 week advance that should take Gold & Silver higher into (at least) Oct. 12–16th and likely into Oct. 23/26th.  Overriding bearish cycles – that project a drop into November – would then take hold – much as they did in the weeks following the late-Jan. ’15 peak.  Platinum, Copper & many commodities are also projecting some final deflationary moves into Nov./Dec. 2015. See the Oct. 2015 INSIIDE Track for add’l details.

All of this corroborates expectations described in 2016 – The Golden Year Reports (and many corresponding Reports, including the When Cycles Collide discussion of late-2014), that Gold & Silver would not see a sustained advance take hold until a specific period in 2016.