Gold, Silver, XAU Bottoms

Gold & Silver Nearing 3–5 Year Downside Targets;
Nov. 3–7th = Intermediate Cycle Low.

11/01/14 Weekly Re-Lay: “Stock Indices – after fulfilling the potential for an intermediate low in mid-October – a pivotal, geometric cycle (~90, ~180 & ~360-degrees) that projects future significance to mid-April 2015 – have surged into month-end and nearly fulfilled the 2–4 week, 2–4 month & 2–4 year potential for an overall advance intoNovember 2014.  That could pinpoint the time for a Major top…Gold & Silver dropped sharply in line with Gold’s weekly trend pattern…

As these metals approach their primary 3–5 year downside targets, it is a perfect time to review where those levels originated from and when they are most likely to be hit.  That would also show if lower targets are attainable.

A good synopsis can be found in April & May 2013, in the midst of a discussion on their 1-2 year respective downside targets (that were reached within that prescribed time) and larger-degree downside objectives that should be met by mid-2015 – when the majority of multi-year & multi-decade cycles project a final bottom.  [See May & June 2013INSIIDE Tracks for discussion on Gold & Silver’s 3–5 year downside targets… stretching down to 1127/GC & 1454/SI.]

…Gold & Silver are nearing these levels and could test them at any time… The XAU remains negative and on track for an overall decline into Nov. 4–6th.

Platinum remains in a weekly & intra-year downtrend – on track for an overall decline into (at least) Dec. 2014/Jan. 2015 – when multiple monthly & yearly cycles converge…It could see a retest of its early-October lows before a bottom becomes more likely.

Palladium has consolidated after spiking to new lows, fulfilling its daily trend pattern.  It maintains the potential for an intermediate bottom in October – 3 years from its early-Oct. 2011 bottom and the perpetuation of a related, 18-month low-low-(low) Cycle Progression…”

Stock Indices remain on track for culminating surge into – and potential Major top during – 4Q 2014.  Meanwhile, Gold & Silver are nearing 3–5 year downside targets and could set intermediate lows in the coming week.

17-Year Cycle – Stocks 2014–2016 II