Gold Stocks Confirm Sell Signals

Gold Stocks Confirm Sell Signals;
Gold & Silver On Track…
For Dual Drops – into early-Oct.

08/17/16 Weekly Re-Lay Alert – – “Golden (& Silver) Geometry – II”:

Gold & Silver, in the month of August, have reinforced their 2016 pattern of geometric moves & cycles.  Geometric moves are those that occur in sync with the primary & secondary divisions of a circle (circle = cycle = 360 degrees)… derived from W.D. Gann’s work and his approach to time.

That results in multiple highs and/or lows occurring 30, 60 & 90 degrees (days) from each other – as Gold & Silver have done the past 7+ months.

Since early-March, Silver has set an intermediate (2–4 weeks or longer) high or low within 1–2 trading days of the start of the new month… every month.

That created lows around March 1st, April 1st & June 1st as well as highs around May 1st, July 1stand now August 1st.  A subsequent high – in both Gold & Silver – is (currently) expected aroundSept. 1st (+ or – 1–2 trading days).  That would be validated by Gold & Silver dropping into late-August and then bouncing to a lower high in early-Sept… before another drop (potentially lasting into early-October)…

The XAU turned its daily trend down but still needs a daily close below 108.30 to signal that an intermediate top is intact.  This developing reversal is coming right after the XAU attacked its 2–3 month LLH objective… [reserved for subscribers only]

3–6 month & 6–12 month traders and investors should be holding partial long positions in Gold & Silver (~25%) from mid-Dec. (~1046–1076/GC & 13.62–13.88/SI).

Hold these until [reserved for subscribers only]…. Partial exit signals were triggered in Gold (early-July) & Silver (early-August), reinforcing cycle analysis for an intermediate top.”

XAU Index (Gold Stocks) reinforcing Gold & Silver intermediate sell signals (from early-July &early-August) & corroborating outlook for sharp drops into late-August and then again intoearly-October.  Ultimate downside targets still significantly lower.  See publications for additional analysis & trading strategies.