Gold Stocks Fulfilling Bearish Outlook

Gold Stocks Fulfilling Bearish Outlook;
Early-Feb–Early-May Drop Nearly Complete…
Final Decline Could Follow in …

04/28/17 INSIIDE Track:


“The XAU plummeted after spiking up to 2–3 month resistance at 89.72–90.03/XAU and holding its weekly trend-neutral point – powerfully reinforcing the prevailing weekly (and monthly) downtrend and projecting a new wave down.

That was/is still expected to lead to another drop into May 2017.  A monthly close below 83.77/XAU would reinforce that scenario, completing a monthly 2 Close Reversal Combo sell signal after attacking its monthly LHR in early-April.

The combination of monthly & weekly downtrends – with this developing signal (if it reaches fruition) – could extend this decline beyond May 2017… and into the ensuing convergence of weekly cycles in  [reserved for subscribers].  (A weekly close below 79.45/XAU is necessary to confirm that.)..

That is exactly when the aforementioned ~9-week (64-day) high-high-(low) Cycle Progression reaches fruition as well.

Based on multiple wave relationships (& projections), as well as the monthly 21 MARCs & related indicators, the XAU could drop as low as [reserved for subscribers] during this next leg down.  The price action of the coming weeks should help to hone that to a tighter target range.”


Gold Stocks (XAU & HUI Indexes) reinforcing outlook for sharp decline from Feb. 8–10th cycle high into May 3–10 cycle low.  Drop below 77.62/XAU needed to fulfill (and could coincide with Gold fulfilling projection for initial drop to 1223.4–1230.3/GCM).  Weekly trend indicator could presage another drop… after intervening bounce.

See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for additional details on larger-degree cycles that could extend these anticipated sell-offs, in line with 2017 outlook (discussed in January 2017 INSIIDE Track).