Gold Stocks Losing Ground

Gold Stocks Losing Ground.
2017 Low Expected on ????
Gold & Silver Prepare to Peak.

02/28/17 INSIIDE Track:


02/28/17 – Gold & Silver have rallied since fulfilling analysis for a sharp drop into late-2016 (following an initial surge into mid-2016) – the ‘1’ & ‘2’ wave of what is expected to be a multi-year advance, linked to weekly, monthly, yearly & multi-decade cycles.  The monthly trends & monthly 21 MACs corroborated that scenario & pinpointed Dec. 2016 as the ideal time for that ‘2’ wave bottom.

The weekly trends subsequently turned up, validating that scenario and reinforcing the outline illustrated in the January 2017 INSIIDE Track, for a rally into March 2017 followed by a 1–2 month pullback.  The weekly 21 MACs are poised to validate that.

Silver is attacking 18.500/SI – reinforcing the 2.50/SI range-trading it has done for the past few years.  That has created decisive turning points at ~13.50, ~16.00, ~18.50 & ~21.00/SI….

[Reserved for subscribers] is shaping up as the next pivotal cycle in Gold & Silver and what currently appears as the optimum time for a corrective low (above the Dec. 2016 low).  That should become a little clearer once an intermediate peak is signaled.  The Weekly Re-Lay will monitor & update that…

Gold Stocks are revealing more about what is to be expected in 2017–2018.  The XAU rallied and turned its weekly trend up, then briefly pulled back, and then mounted another multi-week rally leading into a convergence of daily & weekly cycles in early-Feb.  It waited for the HUI to turn its weekly trend up on Feb. 3rd, before setting a more decisive peak.  That usually ushers in a 1–2 month peak in the ensuing week… and an ensuing multi-week correction.

However, there were many other corroborating factors that pinpointed Feb. 6–10th – and particularly Feb. 8th/9th – for an intermediate high.  They were detailed in the Feb. 8, 2017 Weekly Re-Lay Alert, an excerpt of which is included in the accompanying box on page 8.

Several of these factors are critical to understand, moving forward.  That is even more so the case now that the XAU & HUI have powerfully validated that 2/08/17 analysis for an imminent peak and a multi-week sell-off.

As detailed in subsequent Weekly Re-Lays, those Gold Indices were expected to drop into the latest phase of a 9–10 week cycle that has spanned 8 consecutive lows since Sept. 2015.   Based on corresponding daily cycles – and the duration of the most recent three cycles in that progression – the XAU & HUI were forecast to drop into Feb. 28–March 3rd, when an intermediate low would become more likely.  They are in the process of completing this correction and entering a pivotal period.

The next 2–4 weeks could be critical for Gold Stocks as Gold & Silver (metals) are expected to… enter a corrective phase.  If that occurs AND equity markets show signs of peaking, the impact would be doubly negative on precious metals stocks…

Looking out over the coming months, a more important cycle convergence arrives on [reserved for subscribers]

Based on the monthly trend indicator (and the wave structure in the HUI), that low has a pretty good chance of being below the level of the Dec. 2016 low.  The weekly trend & other intermediate indicators would need to turn down in order to validate that scenario.   That, too, will be continually monitored in the Weekly Re-Lay.”


Gold, Silver & Gold stocks honing outlook for coming months.  XAU & HUI peaked in precise sync with intermediate cycles on Feb. 8–9th… while Gold & Silver are poised for an impending peak & sell-off.  Multiple indicators & divergence project overall (initial) XAU & HUI drop into March 1–3rd… with the potential for additional downside after an intervening bounce.  Final 2017 low is likely during CRUCIAL cycle low (discussed in publications).  See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for additional details.