Gold Stocks Reinforce Outlook

Gold Stocks Reinforce Outlook;
Oct. 2 – 6 = Decisive Week…
Secondary Low Likely in Gold & Silver.


09/27/17 Weekly Re-Lay Alert – Dollar Deflating Gold & Silver:


Gold & Silver have dropped sharply, confirming multiple 1 – 3 month (or larger) factors that pinpointed early-Sept. for a multi-week – and possibly a multi-month – high in Silver (by Sept. 7).  That was corroborated by Silver’s weekly 21 MAC, which remained in a downtrend – applying negative pressure in early-Sept.  However, that factor could begin to turn positive in early-Oct.

Gold & Silver began the week with a quick rebound, testing daily LHR levels and allowing Gold to reach its weekly resistance.  That set the stage for the next phase of an (expected) overall correction into Oct. 9 – 13, the next phase of the ~30-degree cycle that timed the recent high, a 3-month/~90-degree high-low-(low) Cycle Progression & a 50% correction in time (2 months up/1 month down).

In the near-term, Gold & Silver were likely to spike down to [reserved for subscribers]

If these support levels hold, it would begin to set the stage for an important secondary low (above the projected mid-2017 lows) and the onset of a new wave higher – with the potential to enter an accelerated phase.

The XAU fulfilled its potential for a sharp drop from Sept. 8/11 – the latest phase of a 60-degree/2-month low-low-low-high Cycle Progression – into Sept. 21/22 and down to 85.00–85.30 – where monthly support, monthly 2nd Close Support, weekly 21 High MAC & 21 Low MARC support & a 50% retracement all converged.

That was expected to usher in a 1 – 2 week period of consolidation, which has been unfolding, before another potential low (or even just a brief spike down) leading into Oct. 5 – 13.

If the XAU can pull back into early-October and show signs of bottoming – without turning its weekly trend down – that would set the stage for a new (and potentially larger) rally into year-end.  Already, that weekly trend pattern is ushering in the potential for Oct. 2 – 6 to be a decisive week.”


Gold & Silver fulfilling outlook for multi-week correction into early-Oct.  Silver reinforcing downside target range at 16.265 – 16.390/SIZ.  Weekly trend pattern pinpoints Oct. 2 – 6 for potential low.  Oct. 5 – 13 cycle lows corroborate that & hone focus on Oct. 5 – 6.

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