Gold Surge; 40-Year Cycles in 2015.

2015 Powerfully Validating 40-Year Cycles;
Gold Poised for Largest Surge in 15 Months!

01/07/15 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: “2015 could not have started with a better week of validating factors (or potential factors), if I had scripted it myself.  Similar to how/why 2016 is expected to be ‘The Golden Year’, 2015 is likely to be ‘The Exit Year’ – when repeated fears of EU exits spur global equity investors to head for the exits.

The year began with fears of the anti-bailout/ anti-austerity Syriza Party taking control in Greece – on Jan. 25th.  At the same time, fears surrounding the UK’s May 2015election (and whether or not a referendum on Britain’s EU membership would be pushed out to 2017Hmmmm) are spurring another form of EU exit rumblings.

TO EMPHASIZE AGAIN:  It does NOT take the actual event to occur in order to spook the markets!  It only takes the fear – or perception – of it.  So, there is no need to debate whether or not it will actually happen… just what impact its potential will have on the markets.  THAT is what the markets reflect…

It’s All About Perception!  

And the more uncertainty, the less that traders like to hold stocks.  And then there is still the strong potential that Russia is not done creating their own brand of anxiety in the markets.  Perhaps the most telling event, however, may have just taken place in France – creating another chance for astute observers to ‘connect the dots’.

— While Turkey has seen decades of the ‘secular vs. Islam’ battle waged within its borders & politics, France – estimated to have the largest Muslim population in Europe – is the nation in the heat of a similar battle.  Today’s attack – on a satirical publication known for ridiculing Islam – is a convincing confirmation of that struggle.

— The January 2015 INSIIDE Track just reiterated cyclic expectations for European & Middle East Unification efforts to reach fruition in 2018–2021 (potentially with overlap between the two).

— The January 2015 INSIIDE Track also just reiterated why 2015 was expected to be the year of ‘Acceleration’… with “a lot of ‘dry kindling’ spread around the European landscape… that could quickly erupt into a blazing inferno… And once that initial fire takes hold, who knows where other smoldering embers will burst into flames”.

— The January 2015 INSIIDE Track also just reiterated why 2015 was expected to be the time when the Euro would reach the tipping point AND when Europe would enter the crisis necessary to reshape and reform what their ultimate ‘unification’ will look like.

INSIIDE Track has repeatedly explained that ‘unification’ does not have to be a voluntary process and rarely occurs when things are good.

You do the math… or connect the dots.  It only took a week for 2015 to powerfully validate the overall outlook (for the next 7 years, from 2015 through 2021)… and the outlook for 2015So, hold on tight!

Stock Indices quickly validated the potential for a new sharp decline to begin the month of January.  As described in recent IT Updates, that projected a quick drop to their 3–5 day downside targets – comprised of a tight convergence of monthly support (Raw SPS) and weekly HLS levels – at 17,305–17,359/DJIA, 1988.75–1989.0/ESH & 4080–4107/NQH. (that would hold the most significance if tested by/on Jan. 6th or 7th – before the intra-month trends could turn down).

On Jan. 6th, the Dow Industrials hit 17,262 & closed at 17,371/DJIA, the S+P hit 1984.25 & closed at 1994.5/ESH while the Nasdaq 100 hit 4082 & closed at 4102/NQH.  That was expected to usher in a brief rebound that could set the stage for a second sharp decline…

Gold & Silver are continuing to hold above intermediate cycles that bottomed on Nov. 3–7th & projected an overall rebound into January 2015.  With Gold & Silver having both reached – and held – 3–5 year downside objectives in recent months, this advance could turn out to be the largest in over a year.”

See January 2015 INSIIDE Track for details on what to expect in 2015… and beyond!