Gold/Silver Bottom in July 2015?

Gold & Silver Cycle Low in June/July 2015;
Multi-Year Bottom Expected in mid-2015!

08/29/14 INSIIDE Track:  “Perhaps the more intriguing aspect of current action is what it means for the next 6–12 months.  2015 is the convergence of diverse yearly and monthly cycles in Gold & Silver.

For starters, there is a sunspot-related, 11-year cycle between Major lows in Silver.  That creates a sequence between the 1971 low–1982 low (88% drop)–1993 low (77% drop)–2004 low (35% drop)–potential 2015 low (already dropped 61%).

Then there is an overlapping 7-year cycle high (1973)–high (1980)–high (1987)–low (1994 was cycle low but price low came in 1993)–low (2001)–low (2008)–low (2015) Cycle Progression.

If Silver fails to exceed its early-2014 high – or only matches it – that would leave its ~16-month cycle intact and also project a drop into 2015.

That (15-17 month) cycle links the May 2011 high–Sept/Oct. 2012 high (16-17 mos.)–Feb./Mar. 2014 high (16-17 mos.)– June/July 2015.  (Prior to the May 2011 Major peak, Silver had a 17-month high-high-high sequence, linking its July 2008 secondary high, Dec. 2009 high and then its ultimate May 2011 high.)

The initial decline into June 2013 (a low that was retested with the late-Dec. 2013 lows) creates a corroborating high-low-(low) Cycle Progression. (May/Aug./Sept. 2011 high – June 2013 low – March–July 2015 low).  So, the action of Sept. could be decisive!”   [See INSIIDE Track for more detailed analysis and for specific downside targets for an ultimate bottom.  The Jan. 2014 Report: 2016 – The Golden Year elaborates on the overall outlook for a bullish period in Gold, expected to begin in 3Q 2015 and accelerating in 2016.]