Gold/Silver Focus on April 19th

Gold/Silver Focus on April 19th;
DoA Cycle Portends New Surge…
April 2016 Precursor to April 2017??

04/13/16 Weekly Re-Lay Alert:  Date of Aggression Looming:

Market action is slowly, but steadily, validating the focus on April 19th (and the days surrounding it) for another shockwave.  This new Natural Year (NY 2016) began with the Brussels Bombings – powerfully reinforcing the conclusion that we are entering a tumultuous period in 2016/2017 (and on into 2021).

The culmination of the first month of that Natural Year (March 20/21st into April 19/20th) could see corroborating events, leading into next week.  However, as I have detailed before, other decisive events – first ‘shots’ in a metaphorical sense – have also clumped around that date. 

According to today’s Reuters articles, one of them has been confirmed… the Shanghai Gold Exchange’s launching of a yuan-based gold fix – on April 19th:

While some are touting this as the date for the collapse of the Dollar, Gold going to the moon, etc., it is more likely to be a ‘warning shot across the bow’ – targeted at London & New York.  When looking back, it will probably be viewed as the first shot (or at least the next shot in an accelerating salvo) against the West’s deteriorating control over Gold & its pricing.

Since 2013, China has been taking repeated steps to wrestle financial control away from the U.S. and the West… but they are also being careful to make sure all their ducks are in a row – before they fire the big cannons.  This (yuan-gold fix) will be the latest.  I suspect there are still several more to align before China makes their ultimate intentions obvious.

This coming event – and its eerie timing on the Date of Aggression – is reinforcing expectations for the weeks surrounding April 19th to trigger the next significant advance in Gold & Silver.  This week’s price action is validating that…

On a near-term basis, if Gold drops to lower lows tomorrow (1223.5/GCM is a key level), it would create a 17-day high-low-(low) Cycle Progression and project a new 1–2 week rally… Gold remains in a 1–2 month trading range and has not yet signaled a (new) breakout to the upside. 

Silver still needs to give a weekly close above 16.005/SIK to provide a final level of confirmation to its mid-Dec. lows. 

On an intermediate basis, Silver has a very consistent ~5-week (34–36 day) high (Oct. 28)–high (Dec. 4)–high (Jan. 7)–high (Feb. 11)–high (Mar. 18) Cycle Progression that next comes into play on April 21–24 (25)th… and could time the next peak…

It is still possible that Gold & Silver see another surge next week – leading into the late-April cycles.  As explained before, most of the 2016 highs are the result of a 2–3 day surge like the 2-day/5% surge of Dec. 3rd/4th, the 2-day/~6% surge of Feb. 10th/11th & the 3-day/6+% surge of March 16–18th.  So, a 2–3 day surge into April 22/25this possible.

Looking out a little farther, the middle half of June 2016 is shaping up as a higher probability for the next 1–2 month peak (~90 degrees from the mid-March peaks and next phase of a related ~90-degree low-high-high Cycle Progression).” 

April 19th Focus Intensifying; Gold Poised for April 14th Low & Then Surge into April 21–25th.  Refer to Weekly Re-Lay publications for specific trading strategies, upside targets & risk parameters.  Also, see 14-page, 40-Year Cycle: Date of Aggression Report for revealing update on this uncanny cycle (April 19th) – timing everything from earthquake swarms to armed attacks to market disruptions.  April 2016 setting up as decisive precursor to April 2017… when ‘Attack Cycles’ reach fruition!