Gold/Silver Prepare for Nov. Drop

Gold/Silver Prepare for Nov. Drop;
Sharp Drop into Nov. 11th Likely.
Copper Confirming Secondary Low.

10/29/16 Weekly Re-Lay: 

Gold & Silver extended their consolidation, but a final decline is expected to take metals lower into Nov

Gold & Silver have rebounded since fulfilling the latest phase of the 3–6 month outlook – a drop into early-October and down to at least ~1260.0/GCZ…the outlook remains for a drop to new lows leading into Nov. 7–18, 2016 – when Silver has the greatest synergy of cycles converging.  [See the October 2016 INSIIDE Track for more details.]

Gold corroborates that with an 8–9 week high-high-high-high-high Cycle Progression projecting an ensuing 8–9 week decline (from the early-Sept. peak) – into Oct. 31–Nov. 11, 2016.  The overlap, obviously, is Nov. 7–11th so that is considered the best possibility…

As has been the case since early-July, Silver sees the majority of the magnitude of its declines in a 3–4 day period – as it did leading into the July 8th, Aug. 22nd, Sept. 12th & Oct. 7th lows.  So, it would not be surprising to see a similar scenario leading into the next (final?) low.

The XAU has rebounded & consolidated since fulfilling its early-Oct. (& 2–3 month) downside price objective by dropping to 78–83.00/XAU.

At the same time, it fulfilled intermediate timing/cycle objectives by dropping into Oct. 3–7th & perpetuating a 16–19 week high-high-low-low-low-(low) Cycle Progression AND a ~36-week high-low-(low) Cycle Progression.

It rebounded & neutralized its daily downtrend multiple times, but has not been able to turn that trend up…That failure reinforces the outlook for a  new leg down into the first half of November

Copper has rallied sharply after twice neutralizing its weekly uptrend and holding above its Sept. low.  This surge is validating the 20–21 week low-low-low-(low) Cycle Progression that projected a bottom for Oct. 24–Nov. 4th.

And, it could be showing that Copper will lead the other metals in the next multi-month advance.  Dec. 9th/12th is the next intermediate (& geometric) cycle – linked to the June 9th & Sept. 12th lows.

Gold & Silver have consolidated but are expected to soon resume their multi-month downtrends, with Gold likely to [reserved for subscribers only]…”

Gold & Silver validating likelihood for resumption of declines in November… expected to produce a sharp sell-off (3–4 day plummet?) into Nov. 11, 2016.  Copper is surging & confirming projections for MAJOR bottom (Sept. 2016) & subsequent surge into Nov.  See publications for additional analysis & trading strategies.  Also, see 40-Year Cycle: Golden Years & 2016 – The Golden Year Reports for details on outlook for late-2016 into 2018 (and beyond).